Creative Writing Ideas: 6 Tips

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Creative Writing Ideas: 6 Tips

Creative Writing Ideas & Tips— If you are having problems formulating creative writing ideas, then you have come to the right place!

It is quite understandable to have some difficulty when you are trying to choose the right topic for a written work. Beginning to write is often the most difficult portion of the writing process for most writers. Once they have caught the momentum, however, their ideas, concepts and words tend to flow with greater ease and enjoyment.Creative Writing Ideas & Tips

If you experience some difficulty getting started writing with a great creative writing topic, then read on to get some tips about creative writing ideas.

Creative Writing Ideas & Tips

Tip #1 – Relax your mind and know that many great ideas will come to you when you least expect it.

We all know that it can be difficult to write when you are feeling stressed, tired or frustrated. It is better to write with a relaxed mind since ideas tend to flow when you are at ease. Moreover, it can be difficult to formulate new ideas for a written work when your mind is not completely focused on your work.

Be sure to avoid stressing yourself out about your writing idea and remember that more often than not great writing ideas come from the most unexpected of circumstances. Just keep a watchful eye and be patient with yourself.  Soon enough inspiration will strike and your creative juices will flow.

Tip #2 – Try a new perspective.

All writers fall prey to the tendency of perspective and style stagnation. Sometimes this leads to repetitive writing that becomes boring to create. This can lead to disinterest and writer’s block.

For some writers, seeing things from a new angle can be difficult when they are already accustomed to and comfortable with a particular writing style. But it is a good idea to challenge yourself in this regard. Go ahead… try to look at things from a new angle for a change. This can actually give you invigorating, creative ideas to write about that will freshen your writing. It can also give your work new life and give you a new source of enthusiasm and interest.

Tip #3 – Draw inspiration from an object, place, or story.

When you cannot seem to find the right subject for your creative writing ideas, take the simple approach and just look around you. Visit art galleries, museums, parks and the like. Go to places that you can draw some inspiration from, or go to places you drive by every day but never take the time to tour. This can be helpful when you get stuck figuring out what concept to go with for your writing.

For some, true to life stories can also be a great form of inspiration. You may want to draw on writing ideas from biographies of famous people or even from your very own family. You could also look for an inspiring quotation and use it as your creative writing muse.

Tip #4 – Never underestimate the power of the past.

If drawing on ideas from your surroundings proves to be a little too simple for your taste, you may opt to focus on creative writing ideas from your own experiences. Childhood memories or favorite memories from your past can be a rich source of writing inspiration. You can put a new twist to them by adding different elements, after all, it is creative writing, right?

Tip #5 – Learn the ability to spot and appreciate the odd and unusual.

Be observant of the peculiar, the weird, and the unusual, and then take it and make it extraordinary. It takes a keen eye and a good play of words to turn something peculiar into a grand spectacle.

Tip #6 – Find your happy place and allow your mind to explore.

Sometimes, allowing your mind to dream and go crazy with ideas can be good. Yes, there may be a risk of getting too many creative writing ideas but you can always edit your list at a later date. The important thing is that you free yourself to generate as many ideas as possible, and good old mind-storming is a staple standby solution for any writer to generate new creative writing ideas quickly and easily.

Until next time, write on… (creatively of course! 😉 )

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