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Creative Writing Kids

Creative Writing Resources for Teachers, Kids and Parents—

Writing offers many benefits to students, but the ability to explore new worlds is undoubtedly one of the most important. Whether they’re writing creatively or considering a topic of personal reflection, writing improves critical thinking skills and encourages imagination. Creative Writing Kids

When students write on a regular basis, they gain more confidence in their schoolwork and in their own ideas. Creative writing is a powerful way to empower your students both inside and outside of the classroom. Moreover, encouraging children to think imaginatively and at the same time allowing them to practice their writing skills can lead to many positive outcomes such as increased self-esteem and self-confidence and a deeper understanding of oneself and one’s skills.

Creative Writing Kids — 11 Fun Prompts to Write About

  1. What is your greatest dream?
  2. Write about three things that you really want. Why are they important to you?
  3. If you were stuck on a desert island, what would you want to have with you?
  4. What is the best age to be?
  5. List three foods you couldn’t live without. What do you like about them?
  6. What is your favorite season? Why?
  7. Would you rather ride a horse or a camel?
  8. Are you (or would you be) a good older sibling?
  9. How do you feel when you finish the school year?
  10. Would you rather watch a movie in a theater or see a play?
  11. Do you have any hidden talents?

Discover even more creative writing prompts for kids.

Encouraging children to explore their minds and express their thoughts through writing is an excellent skill to teach. Teaching a child to write creatively can be a fun learning process. It allows them to exercise their creativity and literary skills while at the same time gaining a better appreciation for the arts.

We all know there are many wonderful stories that are a hit with children, and allowing them to write their own similar stories is guaranteed to take their love for writing to a whole new level. Creative writing will help children do this!

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