Creative Writing Power

Creative Writing Power— The following is a guest post written by Lucia Smith

During your school days, you may have come across the proverb, “The pen is mightier than the sword”. Do you know why this proverb is so powerful, especially for writers?

Well, pens enable you to express powerful words and emotions which might possibly lead to profound changes in others. There is no doubt, then, that a pen can prove mightier than a sword to mankind.Creative Writing

For example, will you ever forget names like William Shakespeare and John Keats? Probably not since they created indelible marks in people’s hearts with their extraordinary writing. You have drawn inspiration from these writers (or other famous writers you admire) and, by doing so, developed a passion for the craft of writing. So, isn’t it time you work toward acquiring your own mastery in creative writing?

What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing covers diverse genres including fiction such as short stories, novels, flash fiction etc, and also screenwriting, playwriting, poetry, and memoirs. Journalism, technical writing, literature and the like do not fall in the category of creative writing. They are completely different forms of writing.

There are many who have taken up creative writing as a hobby, while professional writers consider it a well-paying career choice. There are many personal and professional uses for writing of this type.

Creative Writing Courses

In several institutions and universities, degree courses in creative writing are offered. These courses are usually designed in a workshop format. The authors in such a course often share their write-ups with others for critiques, which are later incorporated into subsequent drafts. In fact, when taking a creative writing course one will be able to work on creative projects, take writing classes and work with creative professionals too! Sounds fun, right?

Creative Writing Tips

Below are some simple tips that you can use to help you excel in developing and refining your creative writing skill. (You may want to use these ideas to brush up your writing before taking a creative writing course.)

  • Creative Writing Tip #1 — In your daily life, you come across different people. So, you can make a list of all those characters which you find interesting. You can also take note of special places, dates and all those aspects which you can use to create a plot. From a story with them and start writing about them at once. If you wish, you can even write something about your hobbies, strengths, weaknesses.
  • Creative Writing Tip #2 — Go to a restaurant that you love to visit. Take some time to watch each and every person around you. By doing so some new ideas can inspire your creative mind and you can come up with refreshing story ideas.
  • Creative Writing Tip #3 — Try to write something new which people would love to know. Be willing to write innovatively so that your readers won’t find your chosen topic monotonous or boring to read.

So now you see how you can nurture your creative skills by producing such write-ups. If you wish, you can also enroll in a distance learning course in creative writing and acquire mastery. Good luck!!