Creative Writing Tips for Children

6 Creative Writing Tips for Children—

What follows is an excerpt from an article titled, “Creative Writing for Kids“.

I thought these writing tips were very useful and wanted to bring them to your attention. Creative writing is a fabulous tool to engage the interest of children as it leverages their vast imaginations. AND, they can write about whatever makes their heart sing.Girl Journal Writer Smiling

There are so many wonderful benefits to creative writing for kids that I hope you’ll get your beloved children involved in this fabulous kids activity today.

Follow these great writing tips when helping your child learn about the joys of creative writing:

  1. Remember to start with baby steps when teaching your child to write. (They are children after all.)
  2. Do not push them too hard since there is a risk of a negative effect.
  3. Giving or suggesting topics to write about can be a good way to help children generate more writing ideas.
  4. Give them time to produce their work at their own pace. A paragraph or two is acceptable, especially on their first attempt. For some children, a sentence or two is a remarkable achievement!
  5. Honor the individuality of all children and their unique personalities and writing styles.
  6. Reward them with a small token or give a verbal appreciation for their effort.

A good compliment can boost a child’s confidence to write more and to write better. Positive reinforcement can go a long way when you are teaching your kids.

Oh, and here are a few great online resources on creative writing for kids:

Until next time, write on!!!! Or shall I say, creatively write on! 🙂