Fun Activities with Friends

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Fun Activities with Friends

Fun Activities with Friends in Summer — Kids wait eagerly each year for the first day of summer—and it’s little wonder why.

Summer is full of sunshine, laughter, and freedom. Most importantly, summer is also filled with fun and friends. This summer, encourage your kids to celebrate these special gifts. As they relax and enjoy life’s simple pleasures, help them maximize their time with friends by taking advantage of some of these fun ideas.Summer Fun for Kids and Friends

By the time Friendship Day rolls around on August 5th, your kids and their friends will have a summer full of memories to look back on and many more adventures ahead. (Oh, and keep your eyes open for some fabulous Friendship Day journal prompts coming soon!)

Summer Fun: 5 Great Ideas for Kids and Their Friends

 1. Go on a “Day-cation” or “Stay-cation”

Take kids and their friends on a special “day-cation” or “stay-cation.” Plan the day ahead of time just as you would do for a normal vacation and let the kids choose the day’s activities. You don’t have to go far away for kids to look forward to their special trip. They’ll have a fantastic time taking an entire day to visit local attractions together. Be sure to plan some fun meals or treats, and take lots of pictures for their vacation albums!

2. Find a Fun Way to Make Money

If your kids and their friends are getting bored with the normal summer activities, encourage them to try something new and develop a little entrepreneurial spirit. Whether they open a lemonade stand, start a dog-walking service, or provide baby-sitting to neighborhood families, kids will have a great time running their “businesses” with a friend. Together, they can divide responsibilities like making posters or getting supplies—and, of course, their profits.

3. Enjoy the Great Outdoors

It wouldn’t be summer without plenty of time spent outside! Celebrate friendship and fun with trips to the pool, summer barbecues, and playtime at the park. From backyard camping trips to neighborhood bicycle races, friends can find all sorts of ways to enjoy one another’s company in the sun. Prepare them with sunscreen and money for the ice cream truck, and your kids and their friends will have everything they need for an afternoon adventure.

4. Get Creative and Crafty

When the kids are ready for some time in the air conditioning, invite their friends over for a fun afternoon of arts and crafts. Summer projects are a relaxing and interesting way for kids to connect over the summer. Encourage friends to help one another through the creative process while also expressing their own individuality. The differences and similarities in their creations will reflect the unique bond they share together.

5. Keep a Summer Friendship Journal

As the summer progresses, encourage kids to keep summer friendship journals. Whether they write in them together or separately, kids and their friends will have a great time recounting their fun days and remembering all the special things they did together. Kids can also trade journals with one another periodically.

Some kids like to ask each other questions through journals, while others will prefer to record their thoughts and share their favorite memories later. Summer friendship journals are a fun activity for kids and friends to share—and they act as a special keepsake that they’ll both cherish for the rest of their lives.

Until next time, savor your summer!

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