Boy Diary

Boy Diary Builds Self Esteem and Bolsters a Kid’s Confidence
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE— Little Falls, MN, November 16, 2011:

Today’s children are faced with numerous personal and growth issues throughout their youth and teenage years. From feeling overwhelmed with schoolwork and peer stress to overcoming the challenges of being different or unique or bullies, today’s children have a lot on their plates.

Journaling gives children the opportunity to express their opinions about the things going on in their lives while also establishing a stronger relationship with a trusted adult in his life. Journal Buddies boy diary is an excellent way for boys to express their feelings in a space where there is no judgment.

Many children today can feel that their parents do not fully understand the challenges that they face in school. While many are still the same from when you were a child, there are numerous issues including bullying and body image that are more prominent now more than ever.

Boys Diary

The layout of the boy journal-diary from Journal Buddies is inviting and helps boys feel motivated about journal writing. Not only are their pages where boys can share their thoughts and feelings about a specific issue, but there are also pages where their journaling buddy can comment and offer advice to the child.

Each section of the journal also includes a word of the day to focus on and a section where both writers can express things that they like about their buddy.Through journaling, children are able to establish a stronger bond with the adult in their life as well as build lifelong trust to help them through tough situations.

“The journaling process is very therapeutic and
beneficial to children of all ages.”

Journal Buddies, created by Jill Schoenberg, is more than just a place for boys to write. It allows them to unleash their creativity and express their feelings in a way that is often easier that verbalizing how they feel about the events in their life.

No matter what types of feelings or issues that a child needs to overcome, journaling can be the solution. By visiting the Journal Buddies website you will find more information on the benefits of the boy diary as well as numerous success stories from children who are growing more confident and overcoming life’s challenges with the help of journaling.