Christmas Gifts for Kids

Christmas Gifts for Kids: Shared Journal Restores Parent, Child and Sibling Connections

One of the biggest reasons that conflict exists between two people is because there is a lack of understanding regarding how the other person feels. This is true in the relationship between children and their parents or siblings. When emotions are heated it is difficult to hear what the other person is trying to say. Jill Schoenberg has created a solution to this very problem through Journal Buddies.Christmas Gifts for Kids

Journal Buddies is a unique shared journaling experience that allows two people to connect on a deeper level and understand the other person’s feelings. The available journals are perfect for Christmas gifts for kids this holiday season. Each person can take the time to write in the journal about how they feel. This can be everyday feelings or in regards to an event in his or her life. Parents are able to console their children in a way that seems more personal and less judgmental to a child through shared journaling.

The boys and girls journals from Journal Buddies make the list for cool presents that every child will enjoy. Journals are used by boys and girls from elementary to teen age. The safe zone that is created through these journals allows a child to talk about personal issues they may not feel comfortable otherwise. Each person has a place to journal in these diaries. In addition to interacting in a different way than normal, journaling allows children to express what they are grateful for in another person and also to focus on a specific word or characteristic such as “kindness” that they can implement into their day to day lives.

Journaling is a great way to build stronger relationships between two siblings or between a parent and a child. Consider Journal Buddies as family gift ideas for the people in your life this holiday season. The use of journaling helps children cope with their own life problems, understand that they are not alone and experience personal growth through deeper understanding of themselves and the people around them. Whether it is between an adult and child or two children, these journals can open up doors of communication and understanding that have become lost in today’s modern world.