Kid Journal-Dairy for Girls & Boys

Kids Journal Diary for Girls and Boys

Journal Buddies is intended to guide girls and boys on a journey of self-discovery by encouraging them to share and celebrate the many magnificent and excellent qualities, traits and talents they possess.

Parents, teachers, youth groups, church organizations, are you looking for a new and innovative means to empower preteen girls and boys? Then check out this exciting journal.

Journal Buddies puts a new twist on journaling: It’s part diary and part interactive journal. It’s also a journal that’s shared!

Instructions, examples, rules, and prompts help to get the young writer started and make this journal stand out from the standard blank page journal or spiral notebook. Each journal entry contains a thought for the day, entry lines for 3 qualities, traits, and talents (one set for the journal owner and one set for their buddy), a focus word of the day and a few blank pages for the girl (or boy) and her (or his) buddy to record their thoughts. Additionally, Journal Buddies features 156 pages with an introduction section, 30 journal entries, and a section for reflection to summarize the experience.

Journal Buddies | Award Winning Kids Journals

Here’s what Janie Franz of has to say about Journal Buddies: “I think that Schoenberg’s concept is right-on-the-money because it really helps to focus on the good things about oneself…. Focusing on positive traits keeps the journal writer looking at what makes her wonderful and special as a human being.”(Read more amazing reviews of this kids journal here.)

The concept of Journal Buddies is simple. Focus on what you love, like and enjoy––and your life will become more of what you love, like and enjoy… even when you’re having a hard day, in fact especially when you’re having a hard day! Journal Buddies will help girls and boys to build a strong foundation from which to grow or to return to should they become sad or simply out-of-sorts.

There are also four pillars of wisdom that make this children’s journaling book a powerful self-esteem building experience for the journal-dairy owner and their journaling buddies. These pillars of wisdom are about developing:

  1. A Healthy, Strong Sense of Self
  2. Confidence in one’s Abilities, Strengths and Gifts
  3. A Powerful, Support System of Helpers and Buddies
  4. Awareness of Beliefs (our own and those in our support system)

To learn even more about these incredible kids journal-diary books, download free excerpts and sample journal entries.

Until next time, journal on!


Jill Schoenberg was born and raised in St. Cloud, Minnesota. She attended the University of Minnesota and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Youth Studies and Sociology. Her professional experience includes many years of working directly with young people––helping them to understand and develop their self-esteem, creative talents, and life-skills.