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Prestigious Mark of Distinction Awarded to Innovative Journaling Books for Kids—

Journal Buddies interactive journaling books for boys and for girls are both winners of the Mom’s Choice Awards, an award that represents quality and ingenuity.

The Journal Buddies approach to building and encouraging self-esteem during a child’s most vulnerable stage of life, the ages between 7 and 14, is what impressed the Award’s panel of 10 judges the most.Abi with Journal Buddies

Like other symbols of quality that consumers have come to rely on, the Mom’s Choice Award on a product, service or media production alerts consumers its appropriateness for children. The Award is a symbol of family-friendliness that parents, educators, librarians, social service professionals and others rely on to help guide their purchasing decisions.

Competing against hundreds of other entries for the coveted Mom’s Choice Award was an easy decision for Journal Buddies author and creator, Jill Schoenberg. Her unique approach to children’s journaling is what helped her Journal Buddies books stand apart from the other contenders. Jill says of her interactive journals, “Creative journaling allows kids to discover their personal journaling styles and to improve how they feel about themselves in the process, which in turn improves their self-esteem.”

Boys and girls can journal alone or they can journal together with a buddy. A buddy can be anyone; a child’s friend, other family members, or other adults. By working together and pointing out the positive traits they like about one another, buddies help each other develop more positive attitudes towards themselves. There is ample space for self-expression plus plenty of ideas on ways to creatively express a user’s feelings, thoughts, artwork, poetry and writing. The journaling system also presents daily thoughts and focus words which users can explore and ponder as they wish.

Although designed with boys and girls in mind, adults benefit from Journal Buddies, too. The journaling approach helps adults learn how to focus on the many positive traits, qualities and talents that children possess instead of the negative. Everyone who has tried Journal Buddies agrees with Jill’s belief that, “These powerful but simple journals are truly a fresh and invigorating take on journal keeping.”

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About the Author: 

Author and creator Jill Schoenberg attended the University of Minnesota and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Youth Studies and Sociology. Her professional experience includes more than seven years of working directly with young people – helping them to understand and strengthen their self-esteem, creative talents and life-skills.