Shared Journaling Between a Boy and His Mom

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Shared Journaling Between a Boy and His Mom


Communicating with children has become more difficult for parents in recent years. With hectic work and school schedules as well as the advancements in technology, television, and gaming entertainment many parents are finding it difficult for their child to open up to them.

As a parent, it is your goal to provide comfort and advice for your children and let them know that you are available for anything that they need – without judgment. Journal Buddies Boys Journal created by Jill Schoenberg is opening the doors of communication between young boys and their mothers.Boy Writing

Journaling has been long known as a way for children to open up about their feelings and the events of their life. However, the kid’s journal provided through Journal Buddies is slightly different. With the boys journal, a mother and her son can take time each day to communicate on a deeper level. Each entry page is set up with four different sections. The first is listing three traits that each buddy likes about the other. The second is a quote or motivational phrase of the day. The third section is where you can focus on a word of the day with your child and finally, the fourth section is where thoughts can be written down. Journal Buddies is continuing to change the relationship between a mother and her son for the better.

Here is a success story about how beneficial Journaling can be:

“My oldest son and I have been using the journal a couple of times a week and we’re really learning about each other! At 13, he’s a little older than the recommended age, but I don’t see that he feel this stuff is too young or him. I have a little guy who is nearly three and he has taken a lot of my time from my oldest since he was born. Having the journal is a way to show him a little extra attention, even if we’re not together!

Here’s how we use it: He’ll start a new journal entry, then leave the book sitting somewhere that I’ll find it (the last time it was on top of the coffee maker – he knew I’d see it there!) Then, when I get a few minutes, I’ll read and respond with my own entry. I also hide it in places where he’s sure to find it – wrapped up in his bath towel, under his pillow or in his underwear drawer. It’s a special little thing that is just for the two of us – a rarity nowadays!

We have grown much closer in the past few months. And I know that, especially at this crazy time in his life, he feels comfortable bringing up subjects that most 13-year-old boys would be horrified to talk to their moms about (he just writes them down!)”

Through the use of this tween journal, any mom can create a safe zone for her and her son.

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