Writing Ideas for Kids about American Labor Day

This Labor Day, help students understand what this holiday is really about through journaling.

Though many students might not be aware of the importance of Labor Day, it is truly a significant American holiday. Help them understand the reasons for celebrating American workers with these insightful writing ideas.Labor Writing Ideas for Kids

As kids journal, they’ll come to deeper conclusions about the real impact of labor and the American workforce. Let these 15 writing ideas guide them on their way.

Writing Ideas for Kids about Labor Day

  1. Why are workers so important to America?
  2. Write a letter of thanks to local workers.
  3. What workers keep our community running smoothly?
  4. What does it mean to be a worker?
  5. What do we celebrate on Labor Day?
  6. How does Labor Day honor American principles?
  7. What can you learn from laborers?
  8. How will you rest on Labor Day?
  9. How do federal holidays like Labor Day create solidarity in our country?
  10. Who are some people you know that work hard?
  11. What are some important American landmarks that workers are responsible for?
  12. Why is it important for Americans to celebrate Labor Day?
  13. Do you think of Labor Day as the end of summer?
  14. What kind of work will you do someday?
  15. How should workers be compensated?

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I hope you use these writing ideas with your student to deepen their understanding of Labor Day. And of course, here’s wishing everyone a splendid holiday!

Until next time, write on…


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