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31 Fresh New Journal Writing Topics

Journal Writing Topics— The journal writing process evokes a conversation with ourselves. Now some may think a conversation with themselves is a nutty idea, worthy of psychological help. But the reality is that we constantly carry on an internal dialogue with ourselves throughout our daily living. We ask ourselves things about what’s going on around us, for example. This internal dialogue is a very normal and human thing that we do.

The disadvantage to the person who doesn’t maintain a journal is that this internal dialogue can become lost within their minds and memory, often becoming a collage of undefined thought processes and emotions.

Journal Ideas for Kids

When kids write in a journal, they are taking a journey into the depths of who they are.  To aid and encourage your child’s journaling journey, below you will find a fresh list of insightful and fun journal writing topics to inspire your kids. Use these ideas to help them to have fun as they write, learn, and grow!

31 Fresh New Journal Writing Topics for Kids

  1. If you were a toy, what kind would you be?  Why?
  2. How is your life different today than when your parents were kids?
  3. What is the most valuable thing you own?  Why is it so special?
  4. What is the most important quality for the President of the United States to have?
  5. Write a poem about what is like to live in this year.
  6. Have you ever gotten in trouble at school?  How did you feel?
  7. Make a list of 10 nice things you can do for someone else.  Which will you do first?
  8. Write about a compliment you receive often.  How do you feel when you hear it?
  9. Write a poem about America.
  10. Write about something that makes your family unique.
  11. Do you think of yourself as being artistic?  What is your favorite type of art?
  12. If you could learn another language, which would you choose?  Why?
  13. If you got a new pet, what kind of animal would you choose?  Why?
  14. Are your right or left handed?  Can you do anything with your other hand?
  15. Write about something in your life that you couldn’t live without.
    Fresh Writing Ideas and Journal Prompts for Kids
  16. What is the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do?
  17. Write a poem about summer afternoons.
  18. What does it mean to love someone?
  19. What is your greatest weakness?  How can you work to strengthen that quality?
  20. Write about one thing you can do to improve yourself.
  21. Write a poem about discovering something new.
  22. If you could be any animal, which would you be and why?
  23. What is the best feeling in the world?  Why?
  24. What is your favorite place to go?  Why is it special to you?
  25. Would you rather read your diary to a friend or a parent?  Would you be embarrassed to share it?
  26. Write a poem about being a boy.
  27. Why is the Internet so important to our modern world?
  28. What do you spend more time thinking about than anything?
  29. Write a letter to your parents thanking them for all they’ve given you.
  30. How many books do you think you read last year?  Will you read more or less this year?
  31. Can you imagine your life without the Internet?  How would it be different?

More Journal Topics for Kids

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Check out these 32 journal writing topics to inspire your kids to write! Journaling is an aid to a growing child’s sense of self and helps them make decisions about their future and take action toward securing that future for themselves: all ways of reinforcing and increasing self-esteem and self-confidence.
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