51 Summer Writing Ideas for Camp Kids

Whether they attend an overnight camp for several weeks or attend a few days of local camp activities, kids look forward to the exciting atmosphere that can only be found during summer programs. 51 Summer Writing Ideas for Camp KidsAway from the routine of traditional school days and full of friends and new activities, summer camp is a special place where kids can engage in their favorite games each day. Summer programs offer opportunities for learning and laughter, as well as plenty of chances to meet new people and to work as a team.

In these 51 new journal prompts, kids can consider their favorite parts about camp and the challenges they’ve faced along the way. From reflective prompts on trying new things and meeting friends to fun prompts that focus on favorite memories, there are plenty of questions for kids of all ages to enjoy.

 Summer Writing Ideas
for Camp Kids & Summer Programs Participants

1. What is the most challenging thing about trying something new?

2. What is the most exciting thing about trying something new?

3. Who have you connected with the most at camp?

4. How do your counselors help you learn new things?

5. What will you miss the most when camp is over?

6. What is the best way to prepare for summer camp?

7. What is your favorite camp activity?

8. What did you think on your first day at camp?

9. How do you feel at the end of each day of camp?

10. Do you prefer to do camp activities with old friends or to make new friends?

11. Write about three things that you didn’t know or didn’t think you could do before attending camp.

12. What types of memories from summer camp will you take back to school with you in the fall?

13. Has camp helped you learn how to work with other people?

14. Write about your favorite camp experience.

15. How is attending camp different from attending school?

16. What types of unique qualities can you share with your fellow campers?

17. What do you think the most important part of the day at camp is?

18. How can you help younger campers adjust to their new surroundings?

19. Make a list of three adjectives that describe you. Would other campers describe you this way?

20. Have you ever made a mistake and learned from it later? What happened?

21. Did you choose to attend summer camp, or did your parents choose a camp for you?

22. If you could run a summer camp for kids your age, what type of activities would you have?Summer Writing Ideas for Camp Kids

23. If you could run a summer camp for adults, what type of activities would you have?

24. What is your greatest talent at camp?

25. Why is it important to reflect on your camp experiences through writing?

26. Do you ever learn things during the summer?

27. How have you changed since the beginning of the summer?

28. What do you like about meeting new people?

29. What is the best thing about summer?

30. Are there any camp rules that you’ve had trouble adjusting to? Why were they easy/hard for you?

31. Write a poem about your favorite part of camp.

32. Do you prefer to attend overnight camps or day camps?

33. How do you feel when you are recognized at camp for an achievement?

34. What would you tell a friend who wasn’t sure whether or not he or she should go to camp?

35. Write about a time when you and other campers worked together to solve a problem.

36. What is your favorite thing about summer camp?

37. What are the most important things we value at camp? Why are these qualities important?

38. Is there anything you dislike about summer camp?

39. How does it feel to participate in camp activities with new people?

40. Have you ever gotten into trouble at camp? How did you feel?

41. What part of camp are you the most excited for?

42. Write a letter to your best friend telling him or her about your experience at summer camp.

43. What is the most exciting thing you’ve ever done during the summer?

44. Do you have any responsibilities at camp? How do they make you feel?

45. What was the most surprising thing about summer camp?

46. What is the most important thing you’ve learned at camp?

47. Does journaling help you remember or understand things you learn at camp? Why or why not?

48. Write a story about a kid who attends camp for the first time and runs into a few surprises.

49. Write about a piece of summer camp that you would like to bring back to school with you.

50. Do you think you’ll return to the same camp next year? Will you try a different camp?

51. Write about a time when you came up with a creative solution during an activity at camp.

As kids journal about their experiences at camp, they’ll come to a deeper understanding of some of the most valuable lessons they’ve learned. They might be surprised to see just how much they’ve accomplished throughout the summer!

Get kids writing and reflecting with these fun new journal prompts on summer camps and programs. In no time at all, journaling will become a special part of the daily camp routine!

Until next time, journal on…

51 Summer Writing Ideas for Camp Kids