53 Summer Fun Journaling Ideas

What are some Summer Fun Writing Prompts for Kids—  As summer approaches, you may find yourself with distracted and excited students who are ready for vacation. Instead of bringing them from daydreams to lessons, take your lessons to their daydreams with these exciting writing ideas. 53 Summer Fun Journaling Ideas for Kids

With these writing prompts for kids, students will get the chance to think about fun ideas for summer as they think about what they’ll spend their summers doing and the best activities for a hot summer day. While they consider where they would have their ideal summer vacations, they’ll get the chance to exercise their imaginations though still sitting in the classroom.

Best of all, students enjoy journal writing because it gives them the chance to tap into new ideas and exotic places. Through journaling, students can explore their thoughts and get to know their desires and beliefs in a new way. With these writing prompts about summer, students will love the chance to write about one of their favorite topics of all. SUMMER!

53 Summer Fun Journaling Ideas

As if your students weren’t already prepared for summer, get them ready with these writing prompts on Summer fun! Their excitement will heat up as they get ready for vacation.

  1. Write about something fun you could plan for your family to do this summer.
  2. Does your family go on vacations in summer?
  3. I look forward to summer because…
  4. When summer comes around, I feel…
  5. How can I make this the best summer ever?
  6. Write a story about a summer beach adventure.
  7. I spend most of my summer doing…
  8. Who do you spend time with in summer?
  9. Have you ever had a summer job, like a lemonade stand, craft business, etc.?
  10. Summer is a time for…
  11. The silliest summer thing I ever did…
  12. What is the most fun thing about summer?
  13. Savoring the last week of summer…
  14. Do you like the heat in summer?
  15. How many books can I read this summer?
  16. Is summer like a holiday every day?
  17. Do you ever go camping in summer?
  18. What is your favorite summer activity?
  19. Do you spend time on the computer during the summer or go outside?
  20. I can have fun during summer no matter what because…
  21. What is the best summer sport?
  22. What is something fun you could do at home in the summer?Writing Prompts -- Summer Fun
  23. The best thing about summer barbecues…
  24. During the summer, I wear _________ the most.
  25. Do you make summer plans ahead of time or decide what you’re doing each day?
  26. Going to the park on a summer day…
  27. My favorite summer treat is…
  28. What could I make this summer?
  29. If I had to describe summer in three words, they would be…
  30. Where would you like to go on vacation?
  31. When I was younger, I spent my summers…
  32. If you could take a three-day summer adventure anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  33. What are your top five favorite things about summer?
  34. My favorite summer memory…
  35. Something fun to do in summer in our city…
  36. What are the best movies to watch during the summer?
  37. Do you get to stay up late during the summer?
  38. Do you enjoy swimming in the summer?
  39. What is the best month in the summer?
  40. I think summer should be…
  41. Write about hanging out at the pool during the summer.
  42. Do you like to go shopping during the summer?
  43. Do you like going to baseball games during the summer?
  44. Is it more fun to play outside in the summer or stay inside in the AC?
  45. What is a project I could do this summer?
  46. How can you spend time with friends this summer?
  47. This summer, I will do…
  48. Do you think summer is the best time of year?
  49. How can I keep summer from going by too fast?
  50. How could you organize a neighborhood sporting event this summer?
  51. Do you ever take lessons or classes during the summer?
  52. I’m most looking forward to __________ this summer.
  53. Do you ever get bored during the summer?


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Until next time, keep on journaling….

53 Summer Fun Journaling Ideas for Kids