Five Top Reasons to Assign Summer Writing for Kids

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Five Top Reasons to Assign Summer Writing for Kids

Thinking of assigning some journaling to your students this summer?  Though they may grumble a little about having vacation homework, summer writing is actually a fun and low-stress activity that will keep their minds moving and their ideas spinning!  Consider these five key reasons to assign summer writing to your kids this year. Five Top Reasons to Assign Summer Writing for Kids

1. Record All Their Favorite Summer Memories

In the rush to fit in as many activities as possible over summer vacation, many kids spend their summers moving a mile a minute—and they may reach the end without ever getting a chance to slow down and take it all in. 

Journaling offers students an opportunity to record and reflect on all the exciting things that happen over vacation.  When summer ends, they’ll have a unique collection of the amazing things they thought about and experienced during the break.

2. Keep Minds Active During Vacation Time

While most students stay busy during the summer and always have something going on, those activities aren’t always learning-based—and they aren’t necessarily very mentally-stimulating, either.  However, assigning summer writing to your students is a great way to keep their minds active and engaged over vacation. 

Whether you ask students to complete a short series of writing activities or to maintain daily journals, some form of regular writing is an effective and powerful way to make sure your students don’t lose their writing and critical thinking skills over the summer.

3. Maintain a Healthy, Consistent Routine

Summer writing is also a great way for families to maintain consistency during vacation time.  Since summer schedules tend to be a little more flexible, many parents will appreciate having assigned summer writing to offer some semblance of routine for their kids.  And for students, a consistent activity that calls for them to sit down and reflect on their own ideas is a healthy and beneficial practice that will carry over easily from one school year to the next.

4. Enjoy Journaling Benefits Even When School Isn’t in Session

If you’ve had students journaling and completing other writing exercises during the school year, then you already know that these activities promote key benefits such as:

  • a deeper awareness of one’s own thoughts and ideas
  • improved verbal and written communication skills
  • higher self-confidence and better self-image

By assigning summer writing, you can ensure that your students continue to receive these incredible benefits even when school isn’t in session—so that they’ll return from summer vacation feeling confident, cognizant, and ready to tackle the next school year.

5. Reflect and Write from a Different Mindset

Finally, students also have a unique opportunity to reflect on and write about their ideas from a different, unique mindset when they practice writing activities during the summer.  For many students, summer tends to be a little calmer and a lot more stress-free than the rest of the school year.  When a student writes from this relaxed mindset, he or she will be able to explore different trains of thought that otherwise may not come up—and he or she may even find a brand new voice on the page.

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Five Top Reasons to Assign Summer Writing for Kids

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