Benefits of Journals

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Benefits of Journals

Benefits of journals as I see it… oh let me count the ways! From the desk of Jill Schoenberg, Author and Creator of the Journal Buddies books for kids.

Let’s see… There are health benefits, psychological benefits, creative ones and spiritual ones, physical and metaphysical ones. There are benefits to kids, to adults.  Teachers and students benefit from journal keeping (as long as it’s fun and engaging, right kids?!).Journal Writing Prompts

Through journaling, you can reduce stress, solve problems, generate creative ideas, explore dreams, process difficult thoughts and emotions, clarify your thinking and help yourself heal.

Journals promote awareness, self-love, forgiveness, understanding, peace and creativity.

Journal writing is easy, flexible, and accessible to all with no special training, few skills and yet it lasts a lifetime!

More benefits of journals include capturing your life story, documenting momentous events, and creating keepsakes for future enjoyment.

Health Benefits of Journals

According to, a “University of Texas at Austin psychologist and researcher James Pennebaker contends that regular journaling strengthens immune cells, called T-lymphocytes. Other research indicates that journaling decreases the symptoms of asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. Pennebaker believes that writing about stressful events helps you come to terms with them, thus reducing the impact of these stressors on your physical health.”

All that just from a pen and some paper! Now that’s health care!!! 😀

100 Benefits of Journals by AppleSeeds

Apple seeds gives 8 major categories of journaling benefits, which include:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Healing
  • Personal Growth
  • Problem Solving
  • Flexible and Easy to Use
  • Know Your Truth
  • Enhance Intuition and Creativity
  • Capture your Life Story

I invite you to read their entire list of 100 journal keeping benefits.

Personal Growth Benefits of Journals

If you read personal growth or improvement books, you’ve probably noticed, as I have, that journaling is almost always a key component of self-awareness and learning.  Most recently, I noticed journaling in Michael Bernard Beckwith’s Life Visioning, Debra Berndt’s Let Love In, Brendon Bruchard’s The Millionaire Messenger, and Joyce Rupps Prayers to Sophia.

And you must know by now that Oprah loves journaling, and has recommended it many times over the years, including Simple Abundance Journal of Gratitude by Sarah Ban Breathnach.

The benefits of journals are truly astounding.  I’m sure you agree!  Now, it’s time for me to get to mine, so let me wish you happy journaling.

Until next time, journal on…

Jill Schoenberg, Award-Winning Author of the Family Friendly Journal Buddies Books. Available from

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