Boys Journal: A Kid’s Video Review

Award-Winning Boys Journal Review by a Mom—  Videos No Longer Available, Sorry. 🙁

Recently I enjoyed the privilege of having my boys journal, Journal Buddies: A Boy’s Journal for Discovering and Sharing Excellence, reviewed by a mom and her son. What follows is the boy’s perspective of his journaling experience. See for yourself how this adorable child feels about this unique book. Enjoy!

Journaling helps kids to process the myriad of thoughts, feelings, and emotions they experience. It is also an excellent form of creative self-expression.

But, when faced with a journal book full of blank lines or with the task of remembering to write each and every day, some youngsters are simply overwhelmed and unmotivated. But boys are motivated when they experience Journal Buddies.  See the inside of this incredible boy journaling book by watching this short video.

Access a free sample of this innovative and award winning boys journal.

YOU can help encourage the healthy habit of daily journal writing by your son.   Simply use Journal Buddies for Boys and the following four journal writing tips especially for kids. They’re guaranteed to engage a child’s imagination and bring enthusiasm to their journal keeping!

  1. Break the rules – You can break all the rules of grammar and spelling (or follow them if you prefer). It’s your choice!  Either way, there is no such thing as right or wrong when journaling.
  2. Pick a special spot to create– Choose a place where you feel safe, happy, and secure and where you feel inspired to lose yourself in your journal writing.
  3. Keep it simple – If your journal writing begins to feel like a task you must accomplish, scale back or take a break. Just remember that your journaling experience is always more enjoyable when it feels spontaneous.
  4. Keep it fun and fulfilling – If it’s not fun and fulfilling, chances are you’ll quit writing. So jazz up your journal by giving yourself permission to try new journaling techniques.  AND, keep it fulfilling by focusing on a wide range of topics (not just sad or bad ones, but happy and exhilarating ones as well).

Daily journal writing is a wonderful tool of expression for preteen boys, but to gain the most benefit from it they must feel invested in their writing.  The best way to get them – and to keep them – invested in journal keeping is to encourage the free expression of their uniqueness and creativity.

Let your son choose the journal writing style that best suits his personality and unique tastes and you are guaranteed that he will love journal keeping!

Happy journaling…

Jill Schoenberg