Christmas Craft Journaling Ideas

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Christmas Craft Journaling Ideas

Christmas Crafts for Kids: Journaling Ideas Fabulous & Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids

Kids love making crafts, and crafting to celebrate the holidays is no exception.

Christmas is one of the most popular holidays for crafting, but really any holiday is ideal. Of course, Christmas as well as New Year’s both offer good opportunities for crafting and are wonderful times for creating interesting crafts.Christmas Crafts for Kids

We think — and are sure you agree — that Christmas crafts for kids in particular add even more joy and fun to the holiday season. Below are some ideas for Christmas crafts for kids along with bonus ideas for New Year’s, including a few with a journaling twist!

Christmas Crafts for Kids Idea #1

For a simple Christmas craft, kids can make an ornament that somehow represents their year. Their ornament might be simply a clear glass ball that includes small pieces of paper with details about the year’s events written on them. Mixed with some glitter or flecks of silver wrapping paper, these ornament balls can not only be a nice addition to the tree but a fun memory as well.

If a child acquired a new skill or took up a new hobby during the year, an ornament can be crafted that represents that new skill or hobby. The child’s unique ornament becomes a fun reminder of the year gone by and a neat way to remember – and make a memory of – the year that has passed.

Idea #2

Kids might make themselves a gift if a special trip is planned for the following year. If there are plans to go to Hawaii or Florida for Spring Break, for example, kids might make themselves a journal that will be just for that trip.

Kids can find a basic notebook and decorate it with stickers that represent the trip, or even make themselves a special journal with a plain folder that has room for binder pages. Add some binder paper and some plastic photo sheets that hold 4 x 6 photos and the child will have a fun take-along crafting on the go project for the trip that’s to come.

New Year’s Journal-Themed Crafts for Kids Bonus Ideas

Preparing kids for the after Christmas and between new year’s lull is a must, and kids crafting is a great activity to fill the void.  A new year is a good opportunity to reflect on the year that passed and the year to come. Using a journal to facilitate this process is a great idea for kids and adults alike.

Kids can use New Years’ Eve or New Years’ Day to sit down with their journal and reflect on the year that was. But instead of simply making a journaling entry, kids can use this as an opportunity to create a fun craft. Using pictures from magazines and pictures that were taken in the past year, kids can not only journal about the year that was but also use pictures and other ephemera to create a true picture of what happened and what they hope for the future.

To take this one step further, some children like to make a large collage poster of the year and what their plans are for the New Year. On one-half of a piece of poster board, kids can create a memory of the year that passed with pictures, news clippings and the like. Using the other side of the poster board, kids can make plans for the upcoming year, again using pictures, quotes, and news clippings to represent their plans, their hopes, and their goals.

Using the end of the year as a journal starter is an excellent way for kids to appreciate the year that was (even if challenging) and to learn to make plans for and get excited about the year to come.

Christmas crafts for kids and New Year’s crafting mixed with journaling is a great way to entertain children.  Hopefully, these ideas have inspired you or at the very least sparked your imagination.  Happy crafting, happy journaling and happy holidays!

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