Girls Journal

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2 thoughts on “Girls Journal”

  1. Such a thing would not have happened in my house- not with my parents knowledge. Even as an adult, they felt threatened when my mom pulled my journal from under my car seat and read it. I think it is a good thing if a mom and daughter or even dad and daughter shared a journal-without judging each other but using it to share thoughts and feelings together. I think that writing can get beyond the automatic judging and naysaying from parents to their kids; IF it starts soon enough. Sometimes parents need some guidance in how to do this.
    Go for it. Thanks Jill.

  2. Oh yes indeed… if we are wise then we remain open and willing to learn and grow throughout our entire lifetime.

    And indeed, whether a journal is shared or private, the wishes of the journal keeper mush always, ALWAYS be respected. Thank you so very much, Dear WildJean for sharing your wonderful and wise insights! ~ Jill

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