Health Benefits of Journaling

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Health Benefits of Journaling

From the desk of Jill Schoenberg, Author and Creator of the Journal Buddies books for kids.

Recently, I discovered this great journaling gem.  Check it out!

“The health benefits of keeping a personal journal or diary are proven and highly recommended by therapists. The pioneer of journal therapy, Dr. James W. Pennebaker, has been researching the effects of expressive writing for decades. He, and other researchers and scientists around the world have found that actively holding back feelings from others is extremely stressful.Health Benefits of Journaling

By simply expressing yourself through writing, you could potentially experience immediate life improvements. His research suggests that journal writing, especially expressive writing, over short periods of time (specifically 4 days in a row for 15 minutes each) will generate said health improvements and results.”  From Penzu, where you can read about even MORE journaling benefits

Wow!  That’s powerful stuff.  You agree, right? 😀

Here are some great journal keeping choices for you to explore:

Traditional Pen and Paper Journals —

I suggest that you purchase a special journal book you love and even a pen that you can’t stop using! Find you love with all your heart and soul.

Art Journaling —

Not so much into writing? Then create an art journal.  You’ve got to see this example of art journaling! I just know you’ll be inspired by it.

Prayer Journaling —

Prayer journal keeping is a powerful and profound journal theme. If you want to shift or change some aspect of your life I suggest you use this journal technique for 30 days.  You’ll be amazed at the results!

Gratitude Journal —

I consider gratitude journaling my standby theme and topic that I go back to time and again; it’s just like a trusted friend!

Dream Journal —

Dream journaling is a fantastic tool.  If you haven’t kept one you’ll be dazzled by what you discover when keeping a dream journal. Here are some easy to follow instructions on how to keep a dream journal.

Now, if for some reason I haven’t completely convinced you of the vast health benefits of journaling then please take a few more minutes from your day and read even more about the fabulous benefits of journaling. Until next time, journal on…

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