Journaling Ideas & Writing Techniques

Journaling Ideas & Writing Techniques—

Journal writing is one of my passions, and my love for keeping a journal has never faded. But my passion for journaling and journal writing did go on sabbatical for a while. Until I discovered some new and exciting journaling techniques.

It was during a journaling sabbatical that I learned how to reinvent my approach and bring the fun, excitement, and enjoyment back to my journals.  One day I was contemplating my lack of journal writing and why I felt so stuck.  My answer —

There was little fun, joy or creativity left in my journal experiences and I was journaling solely because I “should” and because I felt obligated to do so out of habit.

Hmmmmm… no wonder or surprise that my journal activities had lost its luster and appeal.  I pondered this further.

Suddenly, I got a powerful inspiration about how to keep a journal.  “What if I expand my definition of journal keeping and allow full and unfettered creative expression of myself in my own unique journaling style!”

Whoa!  That sounded fun, and that, my friends, is how I generated some new journal-keeping techniques.

Journaling Technique Inspirations

When writing in my journal I now use some very freeing and fun journal techniques.  For example, I use free writing sometimes while other times I write about a specific topic from my day. Still other times I write little and simply draw a picture (and I’m not a very talented artist, but sometimes surprise myself!).

Another technique I use is to jump start my writing is to read a piece of poetry.  This is a fabulous way to inspire new thoughts, feeling, ideas and experiences in kids and adults alike when journaling.  Time and again I’m astonished at the vast power of poetry to affect our moods, emotions, and perspective on life.  Poetry is an overlooked and under-valued journaling tool among most journalers if you ask me.

And, one of my favorite techniques is to copy my favorite quotes or inspirational pictures from a website and paste them into my journal.  I call this creative journaling.  Sometimes I add my own musings when I use creative techniques, but sometimes I don’t.  I suggest using paints, markers, oil pencils, stamping and any sort of creative stuff to dress up your journals.

The creative ideas to keep your journaling interesting and relevant are truly endless.  Just use your imagination and follow your joy.  By doing so you are sure to unearth some fabulous journal keeping ideas.

My advice to kids (pre-teen and teens) and adults is this:

The key to joyful and meaningful journaling — Express Yourself in YOUR Journal In a Way that Feels Joyful and Right to YOU.

When you take this approach your journal writing and journaling ideas flow abundantly and freely! By doing so you will find vast enjoyment from your journal keeping endeavors.

I have shared with you a tiny sample of some exciting, new journal writing tips you can use in your daily journal keeping. I hope you enjoyed them.


Jill Schoenberg
Creator and Author of Journal Buddies