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New, Innovative Journaling Method Guaranteed to Thrill Builds Self-esteem, Too!

I am thrilled to introduce you to a new and wildly enjoyable method to journaling that helps parents and girls connect, communicate and celebrate. An added bonus to this method is that it helps girls to improve their self-esteem, too!

So what is this exciting journaling technique called you ask?

Before I disclose to you this exclusive information, let me tell you that this new method to journal keeping has three easy parts.

fun, interactive journaling

Innovative Part One: The Journal is Shared

Easy & Fun Part Two: Creative Expression is Key

Powerful Part Three: Improving a Girl’s Self-Esteem

Drum roll please!!!!! …… The official name of this amazing journaling method is Shared, Creative Journaling!

Before I go on, let me tell you that this journaling method is an extraordinary and downright delightful activity to share with your special girl.

Simply click on the links or the sample journal pages shown below.

So How Does this Work? Well, let me tell you about the three easy and fun parts of this amazingly simple tool

PART ONE is the sharing portion of this new method.

This is the part where a girl and her Mom (or Dad or her friends, teachers, mentors or grandparents) are encouraged to work together as a team to write, draw, cut, paste, and create in one journal. The journal belongs to the girl and the girl’s journaling partner or partners (what I call her journal buddies) contribute to her journal!

Isn’t this exciting? But wait… There’s more!!!

PART TWO is where creative journaling comes in and becomes the tool for a girl’s healthy self-expression.

In a nutshell, creative journaling is a combination of writing, scrapbooking and artistic expression.

So, rather than using just a pen and paper to record thoughts, feelings, and ideas in the journal, the journal keepers are encouraged to use a variety of means of self-expression.

Markers and paints to write or draw & cutouts from a magazine or a favorite item printed off of the Internet pasted onto the journal page are a few examples of creative journaling. The ideas for creative journaling are boundless when you let non-judgmental creativity guide you.

This step is key to building a girl’s self-esteem naturally and creatively!

The easiest part to creative journaling is that every household has glue, scissor, and tape and if you search you’ll also find spare construction paper, craft supplies or even wrapping paper lying around. These are instant creative journaling supplies!

And now…
THE THIRD and final step of this innovating journaling method.

Each journal entry and journaling experience is focused on the theme of admiration. Basically, for each journaling session you commit to writing at least 3 things you each like, love and enjoy about one another.

Think about this step this way. Through our day, we are so busy and carried away by life that we often forget to say out loud the things we most love about others. You will simply make a point to state the things you admire out loud and to record them in a journal. I call this intentional admiration.

The admiration theme is the self-esteem building component and is tons, and tons, and tons-o-fun (did I say tons?).

But there’s a catch to the third step!

The journal buddies must ensure that they focus on the outside (appearance) stuff AND the inside stuff (personality, qualities, traits and special gifts). And in case you haven’t figured it out already, it is the inside stuff that bolsters your special girls self-esteem!


“The extent to which children believe they have the characteristics valued by the important adults and peers in their lives figures greatly in the development of their self-esteem.”

Tell Me the Benefits to the Creative & Shared Journaling Method?

There are many benefits to this method of journaling. Here are the top three benefits to Shared & Creative Journaling that will Help You to Build & Improve a Girl’s Self-Esteem.

Relationship — This method is about sharing and interacting and working together. This cooperation will build your relationship, not to mention that you’ll both experience a fun adventure filled with creativity.

Communication –– This journaling experience gets and keeps parents and kids talking, exchanging ideas and thoughts and creating. This relaxed, authentic, connected experience allows for positive, safe and heartfelt communications to occur.

Celebration — Telling each other what you admire is a celebration in and of itself! Who doesn’t like to be told how amazing they are and what is loved about them? Just remember to focus on the inside stuff as well as the outside stuff. (I can hear the party horns, can you?)

Shared and Creative Journaling Method in Summary

This shared, creative journaling is all about self-expression coupled with focusing on and celebrating the positives and building self-esteem in the process!

Journal Buddies for is all about helping your child become more aware of the characteristics you value in her or in him.  View excerpts from these awesome journals right now.  Simply click on the links or the sample journal pages shown below.

Begin using on this wonderfully fun and wildly productive self-esteem building activity for parents (friends, grandparents, teachers…) and girls today! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Besides, YOU will improve and strengthen YOUR girl’s self-esteem too.

I know you’ll agree that shared, creative journaling sounds like a great activity for you and your precious child. There is nothing stopping you from getting started using this innovative journaling method with your girl today!

Happy Journaling and to improved self-esteem…

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  1. I found this blog while searching for other blogs on self-esteem. I enjoyed the article and I think that self-esteem is one of the most important but under appreciated pieces of pyschology. A lot of people suffer from it but most people do not realize nor how to treat it. It is ashame because we have so little time on this planet and we if we don;t love ourselves what kind of emotions are we having and even more sadly what kind of existence is that. I actually just wrote an article on self-esteem on my blog. I would love for people to check it out and tell me what they think of it. Either way this was a great read and I am going to see what else your site offers.

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