Shared Journal Quality Time Activity

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Shared Journal Quality Time Activity

Shared Journaling: :  A Powerful Quality Time Activity for Parents and Kids

Becoming self-aware and sharing our discoveries about ourselves is a skill that takes practice.  It is also an essential skill to building and strengthening one’s sense of self-esteem. Parents are the perfect helpers to assist their daughters and sons in mastering this vital life skill, and journaling is a perfect and powerful activity to help children become more self-aware and self-confident. Most exciting of all is that this quality time journaling activity for parents and kids facilitates self-awareness and build self-esteem in the process. Plus it’s wildly fun too!

So what is This Journaling Activity That’s Guaranteed to Help Parents Help Their Kids to Improve Their Self-Esteem?

It’s journal writing mixed with creative expression that is co-created and shared with loved ones.  Wow… That’s a mouthful!

With this innovative approach to journaling, kids and parents are encouraged to work together as a team and to write, draw, cut, paste, and create in their own unique journaling styles.

Most notably the journal is not kept secret.  Rather it is shared openly and lovingly and becomes a powerful tool of communication that facilitates a deep and meaningful connection with your child.

Journal Buddies is all about helping your child become more aware of the characteristics you value in her or in him.

Shared Parent/Child Journaling Activity Outline

There are four simple steps to this shared self-esteem building journaling activity.  The steps to this exciting journaling method are:

  1. Schedule a specific block of time for you and your child to spend some time together without interruption.  A minimum of ten minutes is highly recommended.
  2. On a sheet a paper or in a special journal book, list three qualities, traits or talents that you admire about your precious child and record them on the first journal page.
  3. Now it’s your child’s turn to pick three qualities, traits or talents that she admires about you.  Record what she says about you on the same journal page where you recorded what you admired about your child.
    (Special Note: For steps 2 and 3, try to pick new qualities, traits, and talents each time and not to repeat any choices that have already been used.)
  4. Journal together using creative journaling.  Write, draw, cut and paste and get creative in journaling together.  Remember, this activity is about co-creation and cooperatively journaling with your child

Oh and as an added benefit, upon completion your shared journal becomes a cherished keepsake – a treasure chest full of super great things that you and your child love about each other that you both can reflect upon time and again for years to come.  How exciting and precious is that?

Here’s to spending quality time with your child.

Happy journaling…


Jill Schoenberg is the author of the award winning books Journal Buddies: A Girl’s Journal for Sharing and Celebrating Magnificence and Journal Buddies: A Boys Journal for Discovering and Sharing Excellence.

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