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Tips on Journaling

Tips on Journaling— Ideas to Help Motivate Kids

To maintain a good journal, children need to practice their writing on a regular basis. The following tips on journaling can help children to create a fabulous journal (or diary) according to their needs, and encourage consistent journal keeping, too! The key is to engage their mind and hearts through interesting journaling topics and creative self-expression. Read on to learn more.

Tips on Journaling #1 — Keep It Simple

Journaling Tips

Buying a very expensive notebook is not necessary and simple paper can be used for a writing diary or journal. Indeed, a spiral notebook is sufficient, although we suggest a diary or journal book without lines as this encourages greater forms of self-expression.

#2 — Choose a Theme

There are lots of journal keeping possibilities and options especially when children choose a theme which inspires them to write in their journal.  Some possible journal themes are dreams, career aspirations, hobbies, summer fun, friendship, art or drawing. And this is the just the beginning of the endless journal theme choices one may choose to use in their personal journals.

#3 — Expressive Freedom

Be sure to remind kids that no rules exist at all while writing a journal. There are no grammar or spelling rules, no minimum number of words to be written (one word across a page IS a journal entry!) and no right or wrong ways to keep a journal.

Through writing, or drawing or both — or any combination thereof — a child’s thoughts and feelings get a creative outlet in a manner that best suits the child’s personality.  By doing so even the most difficult of confusing thoughts and feelings can be clarified, easily and effectively.

#4 — Electronic Sources of Inspiration

There are several electronic entertainment media that may be used by children to generate great journaling ideas. A child could watch movies, listen to songs, or even watch cartoons of their choice, and thereafter use his/her entertainment choices, as the things to spark their imagination. This is an especially helpful journaling tool for children to jump start a journal entry or to overcome writer’s block and gain access to quick writing inspirations.

#5 — See the Journal as a Friend

By considering their journal as a friend, a child can freely (and without hesitation) write about the things which he or she may not otherwise share with anyone.

For example, loneliness is a very common problem among many kids. By seeing their dairy or journal — which they can carry anywhere — as a friend, it is easy for them to express their feelings and to, in turn, feel heard and thereby less lonely.

#6 — Get Creative

Children can make their journal writing more interesting by being creative and drawing pictures or cartoons which portray their ideas and feelings.

Kids could also create collages, paint pictures, sketch images or use all manner of creativity on the pages of their journal.  No one ever said that journaling is about writing words on a page only! In fact, at JournalBuddies.com we are HUGE fans of creative journaling.

#7 — Journal Online

These days, children are very skillful and masterful at using computers for many purposes, and they can also use the computer to keep an electronic blog! An online journal can help children to increase their confidence level because, in many cases, with online journaling kids learn to not only express but also moderate their emotions and thoughts. Hopefully they are aware that others will read what they are writing. Of course, if your child isn’t aware of this concept then you must educate him or her prior to launching a public journal!

There are many reasons to motivate kids to keep a journal, and the health benefits of journaling are largely psychological. I mean consider that writing a diary or journal is a form of meditation, which synchronizes with one’s pattern of thoughts and feelings. Journal writing also brings relevance to life and gets children engaged in writing which helps them to find deeper meaning in life in their own way. These are just a few of the excellent benefits of journaling, among the many.

Hopefully, these tips on journaling will strengthen your child’s character, personal awareness and self-acceptance, which are all very important for healthy growth and development of our beloved children.

Until next time, journal on…

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