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Preteen Relationship Journaling

Preteen Journaling for Better Relationships— The pre-teen years are without a doubt the years in which we all begin to learn about the idiosyncrasies of interpersonal relationships and of how to cope with them. Relationships during these years suddenly grow beyond our immediate family

25 Innovative Journaling Ideas

Oh, the many joys of creative journaling! I love to write about journal keeping tips, journal prompts and starters, creative journaling and journal writing techniques.  Writing in a journal is one of my favorite activities, but creating new, exciting and innovate ways to keep

57 Exciting Third Grade Journal Writing Prompts

Kids Journaling for the Joy of It… I love to write about journaling tips, creative journaling, and journal writing techniques. I love journaling so much that I wrote and published two kids journals! Do you love journaling? Do your kids? I hope so! 😀

13 Exciting, Innovative Writing Prompts for Kids

13 Exciting, Innovative Writing Prompts for Kids + 9 Bonus Creative Journaling Ideas Are you looking for kids writing prompts that your children can use to write about in a journal or elsewhere?  If so, then congratulations because you have just discovered a fabulous

Journaling Can Help The Pre-teen Grow & Develop

Preteen Journal Writing— Growing and developing can be a challenge for any pre-teen. There are many things that a pre-teen experiences as they develop and mature into the teenage years. The journal or diary can provide the pre-teen with a way to transcend this

27 Halloween Writing Prompts for Kids

Teachers, you are invited to use these Halloween writing ideas as story starters or as journal writing prompts with your students.  Each writing prompt listed below could also be used for a group Halloween writing project with kids and are especially useful for students

3 Fall Writing Ideas

Summer is gone and fall is upon us.  My how time flies!  I love the season changes, and being outdoors enjoying and savoring nature this time of year is a wonderful way to get inspired. Use one or all of these exciting journal topics
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