Journaling Helps Pre-Teens To Develop Their Talents

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Journaling Helps Pre-Teens To Develop Their Talents

Preteen Journaling—

Everyone has a talent for something or other. One person may have a talent for calculating numbers. Another person may be a skilled craftsman, while yet another can write music or has a lovely voice when they sing. Although we may have been born with inclinations toward a specific talent, we must develop and practice them so that they can become useful and something to be enjoyed.

Your pre-teen also has talents, some may be very apparent while others are not so visible. Journaling is beneficial in that it can help your pre-teen develop existing talents and explore others that they may be interested in. Here are some things you, as a parent, can do to help encourage your pre-teens talents through journal keeping.

Encourage Your Pre-Teen To Think & Write about Those Things They Love To Do

Some pre-teens may not know exactly what talents they possess or may have a variety of interests, none of which they are certain of. You as the parent can help them identify their interests with more clarity by encouraging them to write in their journals about the things they love and want to do.

Often, when we write about our interests, dreams and ambitions while journaling we can become inspired by this practice. Additionally, if we are detailed enough we will soon discover what it will take to develop these talents and interests of ours. Other pre-teens are very aware of the talents they possess and are anxious to develop them into something more than they were the day before. Each day they spend some time playing their favorite instrument or working out to stay fit and ready for the next season of the sport they love.

But even those pre-teens who are aware of their talents and are doing something to develop them gain additional improvement by writing about their talents in a journal. For example, they can write out a specific plan of improvement then, as time goes on, can review their journal to see the progress they have made.

Notice What Talents Other People See In You

We have all seen talents in another person, sometimes even wishing we could do what they do as well as they do it. Observation of other’s talents and skills can be very valuable to the pre-teen who is trying to acquire or develop a specific talent. Parents should encourage their pre-teen to practice observing others and to record their observations and insights in their journal. Although we can remember a lot of what we see people do or what they say to us, we remember more when we write about it.

In this article, we have seen the benefit journaling can have on your pre-teen’s talents and aspirations. All parents who see the talents of their child should encourage them to use a journal as a means to help develop their interests and skills.

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