Journaling about Pre-Teen Life Changes

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Journaling about Pre-Teen Life Changes

Change is a natural fact of life. Everything around us changes over time as each day passes. There is nothing on this planet that remains stagnant. Not one single thing!

Some change is very slow and goes nearly unnoticeable, especially to an untrained eye, while other changes are dramatically rapid and visible for all to witness. Changes in the earth are a good example of both slow and rapid change. Some of its changes we don’t see unless we are a student of those kinds of changes while others we see erupt before our very eyes.

journaling and pre-teen life changes

Not only does the world around us change, but we do as well. The two most common things about us that change throughout our lifetime are our physical and mental characteristics. As we grow older both our bodies and mental processing change as we pass through each life phase. The pre-teen years are one phase of our changing process. This phase is rich with things for pre-teens to write about in their journals.

Physical Change

Both boys and girls undergo many physical changes as they grow up. For example, growth spurts are not uncommon for pre-teens. In fact they are frequent. In some cases these spurts can be so fast that the body, as it stretches itself, can cause minor discomfort. Growth changes like this are great and easy for pre-teens to monitor in their journals. Unfortunately, journaling will not eliminate growth pains, but it can be a distraction from it and a way to cope with it.

Being a pre-teen also means that the boy or girl are pre-adolescence, or at the beginning stages of becoming a man or a woman. Not only can these changes cause some minor physical discomfort, especially for girls, but it also marks the beginning in a change of necessary attire. Getting your first bra can be a bitter-sweet development for a girl that she may not be sure she welcomes. These types of changes with their corresponding events are a valuable source of writing material for the pre-teen that has a journal to write in.

Mental Change

Physical change for pre-teens becomes a time of beginning to realize themselves as individuals. As pre-teens begin to realize themselves they begin to define boundaries for others and themselves. Pre-teens can also begin to become more private with their personal affairs. Outward changes like these means that the pre-teen is changing mentally. These mental changes are new to the pre-teen and can be the source of many questions and unexplained emotions. Journaling about changes in thinking and any associated feelings can help the pre-teen to realize them selves more fully.

It Equals Confidence

How the pre-teen is able to bring together the physical and mental changes taking place in their lives translates into the confidence they have for themselves. All these physical and mental changes can have an impact on the pre-teen’s confidence. Where uncertainty increases the confidence wanes. Both physical and mental changes can cause many types of uncertainty in a pre-teen and affect their confidence. However, the pre-teen who writes about their life within their journal will develop the confidence they need to become the person they want to become.

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