Journaling as a Problem Solving Tool for Preteens

Life is full of problems to be solved and negotiated. This is a fact for the adult as much as it is for the pre-teen. Problem-solving is a part of life that facilitates personal insight and growth. Moreover, if it weren’t for problems life would be pretty boring. However, the pre-teen years are when people sharpen their problem solving skills in preparation for the later teen years and the following adult life. The journal is an excellent way for the pre-teen to work on and improve these skills. Let’s look at some ways this is done through journaling.journaling and problem solving

Sometimes when a pre-teen is confronted by a problem they may feel separated from it or view the problem from a singular perspective rather than globally.  When we lack connection with a situation or try to solve without seeing the situation from other angles or perspective we run the risk of not solving that problem as effectively as we might. Journaling affords the pre-teen the opportunity of writing the problem down together with their thoughts, feelings and opinions on it and in a sense externalizing it in a private way. The pre-teen is also able to include the input from those around them regarding the problem. Using a journal for this purpose can help the pre-teen make better judgments and decisions because they can see their problems more completely.

Better understanding is a key advantage of journaling for the pre-teen. Understanding of oneself and the world around them is important to living a fulfilling and successful life. Without understanding, life becomes a burden and nearly impossible to live happily. The pre-teen who uses a journal is on the path to understanding themselves and what’s happening in their life and the society around them.

Integration is a part of understanding. More specifically, integration is a result of understanding. What is meant by integration is the ability to take external events and blend them in with ourselves and the direction we are going. Most of us have an idea or plan of where we want to go in life. Often, events in the life around us arise that may seem like an obstacle to prevent us from accomplishing what we want. When we write out our wants and desire alongside the demands of our environment we begin to visualize ways of integrating ourselves into the bigger picture of living life.

Another interesting advantage of journaling and one that some might not think of, is that when we write out our thoughts and feelings on paper we can actually hold them in place as we allow them to develop in real time. As thinking and emotions concerning an event develop in real time we write out those new developments, thus improving our own perspective that grants a more comfortable change and integration.

In this article, we have discussed the advantage of the pre-teen using the journal as a problem solving tool. The pre-teen who uses the journal in this way has a better chance of integrating themselves more appropriately into the life they are seeking.


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