Journaling as a Tool to Reduce Preteen Stress

Journaling & Preteen Stress— When considering pre-teens, they have an incredible amount of demands that are placed on them almost on a daily basis. There is school, friends, (along with the peer pressure), familial responsibilities and extracurricular activities, to mention just a few of those things that can sometimes become overwhelming for the pre-teen.

Journaling Reduces Preteen StressA journal can be a way for your pre-teen to process stress by writing about the problems or challenges in their lives that are the source of it. Another positive effect journal writing can have on a pre-teen’s self-esteem and confidence is that it can be a resource to release stress.

When your pre-teen becomes stressed this can adversely affect how good they feel about themselves and specifically their environment. They can act in negative ways with those around them or isolate themselves, not wanting to be bothered by anyone. When this occurs, journaling is the perfect activity for the pre-teen!

How Journaling Can Reduce Preteen Stress

For example, your pre-teen may have a very important event that they are going to participate in. This event is so important to them that they begin to experience anxiety about it. This, in addition to life demands, can cause your child to become overwhelmed and stressed out. However, your pre-teen can use the journal to write about the event, what is expected of them in it, and how they feel about it.

As was indicated earlier, a busy schedule can be a source of stress for many pre-teens.

In this case, your child can make a list, in their journal, of the things that they want to accomplish. Along with writing the list down the child can also set goals or timeframes for the completion of what they want to do. Practicing this will definitely reduce your pre-teen’s stress because they have externalized, on paper, what’s on their mind and worrying them.

People who don’t have established goals are generally more stressed out than those who do because there is nothing really guiding them toward what they want and what they want has not been clearly defined. One of the best ways for your pre-teen to reduce stress is for them to set goals. Using their journal they can write about what they want to accomplish in detail. They can then write out exactly how they plan to achieve their goals.

When your pre-teen has established goals and a plan to reach them they will be less susceptible to experiencing stress as they will have thought through how to handle challenges. They will develop a positive and confident outlook on life and feel confident in tackling whatever life throws at them. Confident young people have the strength to dream and to go for their dreams.

Until next time, journal on…