10 Keys to Building Esteem in Boys

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10 Keys to Building Esteem in Boys

How to Build Self Esteem in Boys— With the creation of Journal Buddies, I am excited to share with you an exciting and new approach to journal keeping that is, well… quite simply exhilarating! It’s called shared and creative journaling, and it comes with a special focus that helps you to build and strengthen a child’s self-esteem in less than ten minutes per day.

This is a simple, easy-to-use, and highly effective method to journaling. It’s a wildly fun, highly interactive adventure in journal keeping. Read on to learn how Journal Buddies helps to build and improve a boy’s self-esteem.Boy Self Eesteem

Building Self-Esteem in Boys

Self-Esteem Building Key #1: Focus

When using this journal, the focus of conversation between you and your child is placed directly on the positive qualities, traits, and talents your child possesses.

Key #2: Time

Allotting a time specifically for you and your son to complete a journal entry demonstrates your commitment and love AND conveys a powerful message that shows just how much you value your precious child. Your gift of time to your son is truly invaluable.

Key #3: Sharing

Life takes on a deeper meaning once we learn the art of sharing our special-ness (our unique gifts) with others in our life whom we love and trust. That is why Journal Buddies is all about sharing the good stuff that you like, love and enjoy about child WITH your child in a very active and formalized manner. The act of sharing, in turn, brings about amazing results in your child’s skill and ability to both identify and share his excellence with you!

Key #4: Celebrating

Openly celebrating our good points is a skill that must be taught and practiced until it becomes a very comfortable habit. While you and your child enjoy a journaling adventure this skill is taught, modeled and practiced until your child becomes an absolute expert and has mastered vital life-skill of celebration.

Key #5: Creative Expression

Absolutely everyone is a one-of-a-kind unique expression in this world. Taking the time to express that uniqueness through creativity powerfully reinforces this incredible fact of life. Creativity is a major piece of making this journal keeping experience an adventure in journaling.

Key #6: Healthy Habits

Habits are formed through repetitive actions and each of the 30 journal entries in the Journal Buddies book help to establish the healthy habit of looking for and celebrating one’s goodness as well as the goodness of others.

Key #7: Choice

Choice making is a powerful force and a life-changing skill. Model for (and in the process teach) your child how to make good choices in a practical and experiential way through your shared Journal Buddies experiences.

Key #8: Relationships

When you and your son share this journal you will each openly and actively practice building a healthy relationship. In other words, you will demonstrate the “HOWS” of healthy relationship building. And, if you already have a great relationship with your child the bonus is that you’ll make your relationship even stronger!

Key #9: Connect

This shared journaling experience is a creative way to ensure that your child feels connected to you in a deep and profound way at least once per day!

Key #10: Communicate

The guided format of this journal opens the door to positive, reinforcing communication with your son. This is the most powerful key for you to ensure that your child not only hears but also listens to the great stuff you love about him.

With Journal Buddies I have truly re-invented journal keeping and brought creativity, excitement, and purpose to a wonderful, powerful and life-changing activity.

Here’s to improving your child’s self-esteem!

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6 thoughts on “10 Keys to Building Esteem in Boys”

  1. Hey Annette…

    You’re welcome. I hope you found the self esteem tips both helpful and useful.

    I’m sure that your son would really enjoy his own copy of Journal Buddies because so many other boys have used it and loved it!



  2. You don’t know how much it had helped me to read this…. our son had been very quiet and sad at school, his teacher started to pay attention to his behavior and gave us a warning, we learned that he needs a boost for his self esteem, due to too high expectancies and perfectionist on his homeworks and schoolwork…..this article opens a door for us to use it as a guide. Thank you very much.

  3. Hi Jess, It is my sincere hope and desire to help children understand that no matter what (good grades or not) that they are worthy of love and goodness and feeling good about themselves. It is this deep rooted sense of self-esteem that will guide our children successfully through the sometimes rough waters of life.

    Please give your precious son this message especially from me, “Close your eyes and listen to these words…. You ARE EXCELLENT in every way, inside and out, right now … just as you are!”

    Peace & Blessings,
    Author of Journal Buddies

  4. I am so excited to journal with my boys. They are 10 and 8 and they are the most amazing boys. “A” students, great brothers to each other, with a heart of gold. Lately I feel like I’m always “nagging” them and by the end of the day I feel bad.. The “I love you” gets lost in the “Hurry up!”, “Stop doing that.” “Pick that up.” , “Why haven’t you pick that up?” , etc,etc. I want them to know how much I love them and how wonderful they. There have been a couple of time where they have apologized for being “bad” kids and it’s broken my heart. This is going to be great for us. Thanks!!

  5. Hello Sylvia,

    I am certain that you and your boys will all reap many positive experiences from the journals. If you care to share any of the highlights with me I would just LOVE to hear your stories. Happy journaling!

    Ever so kindly,
    Author and creator of ‘Journal Buddies’ kids journals

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