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Girls Self Esteem: The Shocking Truth Revealed

Girls Self Esteem—

You probably already know that healthy self esteem can be good for the soul but do you know that it can also be good for the bank account?

Fact! Self esteem does affect our earning potential.

Before I go on and disclose to you some extremely valuable self-esteem information, I want you to read all the way to the bottom of this article to discover the single most powerful & proven self esteem building activity for instilling high self-esteem in girls. It’s simple, easy, and effective, too!Self Esteem in Girls Shocking Facts

Study Reveals Self-Esteem Affects Income Levels

A study released by the University of Florida (May 2007) reports that people who have high opinions of themselves as teenagers and young adults earn more money than their less confident counterparts.

This study shows a clear correlation between self-esteem and monetary achievement.

Incredibly, the study accounts for differences in race, gender, educational level, GPA and SAT scores and child poverty levels AND it still proved that self-esteem has a major, positive impact on one’s success.

This new study clearly demonstrates that developing positive and healthy sense self-esteem pays off big time!

Disturbing News about Girl’s Self Esteem (& Self-Worth)

Consider this!

  • By high school, only 29% of girls report that they are happy the way there are, which means that
  • A whopping 71% of high school girls are not happy with themselves!

4 More Disturbing Facts about Girls’ Self-Esteem:

  1. One-third of all girls in grades nine to 12 think they are overweight, and 60% are trying to lose weight.
  2. Only 56% of seventh graders say they like the way they look.
  3. Girls question their own beauty: between 50 and 70% of girls of normal weight believe they are overweight
  4. Children with very low self-esteem, or what the researchers called self- derogation, are 1.6 times more likely to meet the criteria for drug dependence than other children.

What Does Improved Self Esteem Mean to you and Your Child?

Self-esteem is related to how we feel about ourselves and to the quality of our life. The really great news is that raising girls who have a healthy sense of self-esteem does make a difference in many, many ways.  It makes a difference socially, personally and financially, too!

That is very cool and very powerful stuff if you ask me.

Smiling< Happy Girl JournalingA Powerful & Simple Self Esteem Building Activity

One of the simplest and most powerful ways to build self-esteem in a girl is to tell her exactly what it is about her that makes her so incredible and amazing!  For example, you could point out a special talent she possesses, a character trait that makes her unique or a quality you really admire about her.

After you’ve pointed out exactly what it is that makes your special girl so magnificent, simply ask her to repeat back to you what you’ve told her until you both know and feel – without a single doubt – that these words are true.

Go back and read that again!  Let this advice sink in deeply. Let the awesome power of this one self-esteem building action settle deep within your mind.

I suggest that you also have your special girl say out-loud how incredibly magnificent she is, as this will help her to feel the truth of the words in every bone in her body!  You’ll know she feels the truth of her words when you see a huge smile on her face and she sparkles with joy!

This is just one self-esteem building activity you can do with your precious girl.  There are endless ideas out there.

One of my favorite self esteem activities is journal sharing!  Learn more about shared journaling and discover 55 great journal prompts here.

Here’s to improved self-esteem in girls everywhere!

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