Self Confidence

Self Confidence— Why It is an Important Trait to Possess

Self confidence is one of the most important traits a person can have as this trait reflects a belief in one’s abilities, talents, gifts, and strengths. When one has this trait she holds herself in high regard and, more often than not, self-confidence is something that is found in successful, happy individuals.Self Confidence

Having low self-confidence can become a hindrance to one’s happiness and a negative behavior towards self can be something that will cause problems for a person in the future. Usually, people that have a problem interacting positively with others are the ones that are not able to excel in school or thrive in their careers.

Self Confidence Benefits

People with self confidence trust themselves and their abilities. They can expand their repertoire of skills and knowledge because they trust that they can accomplish the tasks that they are given. They are focused and determined to succeed, are usually people that can learn from past mistakes and are able to use these experiences to their advantage. These people know that making a mistake is part of growing, and failing does not really make them a failure as a person. They are capable of analyzing the cause of a failure and are able to avoid these traps and pitfalls in the future.

Self-confidence is a good trait to have simply because people who have this trait know that they can survive any problem that they are facing at the moment. For people with low self-esteem, fear usually takes over them and it stops them from growing and accomplishing the tasks that they need to do in order to become successful. Guilt is also a common trait for people who have low self esteem. One of the biggest problems with guilt is that it inhibits a person’s ability to move on from failures and mistakes that they have committed.

People who wish to boost their confidence levels are usually looking for ways to get help. Some go to therapists for advice and have counseling sessions to help build their confidence over time. There are actually plenty of counseling theories that are being used by therapists and one of the most common ones is the cognitive behavioral theory. This is done by setting goals for the person to improve their confidence. Chosen goals could be as simple as standing up straight and improving one’s posture. These simple achievements will be evaluated, and thereafter more complex tasks will be given to the person to accomplish. The person will have more confidence this way as they are starting from simple tasks that are easy to perform well and they will be equipped with enough self confidence to go through the harder challenges later on.

For those whose lack of self-confidence is mild or temporary, journal keeping is a fabulous tool to improve self-esteem and self-confidence easily and effectively, especially in kids.  It’s easy, simple and accessible to people of any age, any income level or any writing skill level.