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Self Esteem Activities

Self Esteem Activities—

Girl groups, schools, community programs, churches, youth groups, mentoring programs and more are always on the lookout for powerful and fun self esteem activities to share with kids.

Well, I am pleased to share with you a fabulous self-esteem for girls activity idea called Journal Buddies. These are fun, exciting and powerful self-esteem building journals especially for girls, ages  7 – 14.Self Esteem Activities for Girls

(Psst… there happens to be a journal for boys too!)

Journaling Compliments Self-Esteem & Confidence Building
Girl Program Activities

Here is what one program coordinator had to say about using these books with her girls as a complementary activity to their program’s self-esteem activities.

Yes, the journals arrived and are wonderful! 
We used them last week for the first time.

~ Melanie Martin, Program Coordinator for the
Dream & Flourish Mentoring Program

And this is how she used the Journal Buddies books with the participants in her mentoring program:

“For our first group meeting, our students participated in an outdoor learning camp experience.  Students participated in high and low ropes courses.

As part of our debriefing of their day, students shared what they learned about themselves and others.  Over and over again the students stated that they learned about confidence.

Imagine our excitement when we asked the girls to journal about their day, turned to the first page of our Journal Buddies books and found that the word of the day was in fact “Confidence”! 

The young ladies in our group wrote together and then independently about the confidence they witnessed that day from their peers and the confidence they had to call upon themselves to try new challenges.

We are planning to use our Journal Buddies books to set a tone for every group meeting for the rest of the year!

Thanks so much, Jill for all of your help!”

It is truly my pleasure, Melanie!

If you’d like to use Journal Buddies with your girls group or to incorporate these fun journals with your self esteem activities, please know that I would be honored.

Until next time, here’s to improved self-esteem in kids everywhere!!!!


Jill Schoenberg,
Author and Creator of the
Journal Buddies self esteem books for girls and boys

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