Self-Esteem Journaling for Pre-Teens and Teens

Exploring More About Pre-Teens & Teens Self-Esteem Journaling

Self-esteem is a reflection of one’s own self-evaluation and appraisal. More specifically, self-esteem is built on self-reflection and is a collection of our beliefs and feelings. Looking at ourselves and accepting who we are as we are is the foundation that our self esteem is built upon.

Self-Esteem and JournalingAs self-esteem relates to pre-teens, they are involved in the growing years of social discovery mixed with the blossoming of their own individuality. This can present internal conflicts for the pre-teen as they grow, develop, and seek the validation from others that they are valuable and going in the right direction.

Many preteens who are developing their identity may need another resource, in addition to those who care about them, to help them along the path of self-definition. Defining oneself is what leads one to having self-esteem; a belief in one’s own value and self-worth.

Journaling can help the pre-teen do this quite effectively. And is a website that is specifically designed for tweens and teens interested learning more about the power of journaling.

One of the biggest ways that journaling helps build self-esteem is that it gives the pre-teen a place to look at themselves, their problems, and their feelings. Over time the journal becomes a collection of the preteen’s past thoughts and experiences to be reflected upon.

The pre-teen can then use this collection of personal information as a resource to evaluate their growth, progress, and as an inspiration to tackle more difficult challenges. We become inspired when we can visually see where we have been and how we have successfully handled life events. This helps build one’s self-esteem.

A pre-teen’s self-esteem can, from time to time, fluctuate depending on what challenges they are facing. One of the most damaging things that we can do to our self-esteem, when we are confronted with difficulty, is to do nothing. It is a medically proven fact, within the world of mental health, that inactivity is actually counterproductive to the maintenance of our self-esteem and can actually lead to depression.

The journal can become a place for the preteen to take a form of action upon their life, through talking about the events around them and their feelings about those events without external judgments.

External judgments are one factor that keeps many young people from talking about an issue with those around them. The fear of being seen as different or inadequate speaks directly to one’s self-esteem and self-concept.

Journaling will help the pre-teen avoid feelings of inadequacy because the journal becomes, in a sense, someone to talk to. Actually, the preteen can externalize their problems and questions in a constructive way. This action in and of itself can encourage the development of a more stable self esteem.

We have learned that action upon one’s life can help maintain one’s self-esteem. We have also learned that journaling is a form of action and a way for the preteen to process life events and to help them along the path of life.

It is a great way for pre-teens to work through their emotions and make sense of their lives in constructive ways.

Journaling is an aid to a growing child’s sense of self and helps them make decisions about their future and take action toward securing that future for themselves: all ways of reinforcing and increasing self-esteem and self-confidence.

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