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Summer Fun: 5 Great Ideas for Kids and Their Friends

Kids wait eagerly each year for the first day of summer—and it’s little wonder why. Summer is full of sunshine, laughter, and freedom. Most importantly, summer is also filled with fun and friends. This summer, encourage your kids to celebrate these special gifts. As

Memorial Day Activities for Kids

Memorial Day is one week from today. This is an important time for Americans to remember our veterans and those who have served our country. It is also an opportunity to honor those loved ones who have gone before us. On Memorial Day, as

Fun Crafts for Kids

Fun Crafts for Kids (with a Journaling Twist!) Crafting is a fun activity for most children, but making crafts can mean so much more than a creating just a cute gift.  Crafting can also provide a necessary outlet for creative freedom and a method

Christmas Craft Journaling Ideas

Christmas Crafts for Kids: Journaling Ideas Fabulous & Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids Kids love making crafts, and crafting to celebrate the holidays is no exception. Christmas is one of the most popular holidays for crafting, but really any holiday is ideal. Of course, Christmas

Fun Crafts for Kids – Three Great Ideas!

Fun crafts for kids— Fun crafts for kids is something that most children enjoy, even as they get older. But as children grow, the crafts they choose to do change. Far from simple cutting and pasting, the crafts that older kids like to do