Elementary Character Education

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Elementary Character Education

The truth of the matter is that elementary character education usually starts at home, but it should also be noted that schools play an important role in the development of a child’s character as well. Most of the values learned at home will be honed in school, and as such, it is important for educators to prioritize character education just like other school subjects.Elementary Character Education

Teachers, especially those who are handling classes involving young children, can use a variety of ways to enhance and promote positive values to develop a child’s character. One of the most effective ways is to integrate character education into regular lessons, as this is the time when children can absorb the information organically.

How to Teach Character Education

A popular way to teach elementary character education is by involving students in role-playing activities. Have them play the role of an actor, business professional, doctor or the President of the United States in a short presentation. Thereafter discuss with the students the values and traits that each character in the skit possessed. A fun atmosphere combined with lessons on character will surely have an impact on their young minds.

Reading is another way that you can teach elementary character education without being too serious about it. Let the children choose a storybook from a list of titles that you have pre-selected and read the story for their benefit. Afterward, discuss the main points of the story and point out the positive qualities and traits that they can emulate. Ask them to participate in the discussion and let them share what they think the lesson of the story is all about. Young children absorb more information when they participate in these types of activities, especially when they are given recognition after sharing their opinions on the subject.

Lastly, encourage parents to participate in their children’s character development. Parents are deemed the first teachers of any child, and so you must work hand in hand with them to reinforce the values and positive attributes you are teaching in school. Establish a regular line of communication with the parents of your students to let them know that you are really sincere in helping them raise well-developed kids. Encourage them to participate in school activities as often as they can, as this will also have a positive impact on the students.

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