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Building healthy self-esteem in a concern for parents and teachers alike.

FACT! Self-Esteem is an ongoing journey, therefore daily action is required to build and improve one’s self-esteem.

What gets tricky is when we want to ensure that a child’s self-esteem is healthy and strong today AND for the rest of her life. It is wise, however, is to accept that one’s sense of self esteem will fluctuate over time and this OK.

How You can Help Build Healthy Self-Esteem in Children

Building and improving self-esteem is a life skill that is all about self-care and that is very similar to body care.  You already know that in order to keep our bodies in good shape we must take regular, consistent actions.  Bathing, grooming, eating, exercising and relaxing are all example of essential body-care actions.

Thinking about improving self-esteem from this perspective, there are two primary components to building a strong sense self esteem in kids.

  1. Building healthy self-esteem takes time and effort.
  2. Maintaining self-esteem requires daily attention because it is a never-ending (and lovely) journey we all travel.

How to maintain a healthy sense of self-esteem is a life skill we must teach and instill in our children, girls and boys alike.

That’s exactly what these free self-esteem worksheets are all about and why I encourage you to get your copies right now by clicking on the links below:

Small Persistent Daily Action is the Key to Healthy Self Esteem in Kids

To easily teach a child the essential life skill of maintaining healthy self-esteem I suggest using small persistent actions.  These are simple daily actions that over time become habits, just as brushing one’s teeth or combing one’s hair are self-care habits we learn.

Consider this: People who do not take small persistent actions to strengthen their sense of self-esteem tend to flounder, while those who do take daily self-esteem building actions tend to succeed.

A Sample of a Lack of Small Persistent Action and No Results

Let me give you a tangible example of a lack of results when small persistent action is missing from one’s daily activities.

I’m an author and have had many discussions with people about writing and publishing books.

There are many, many people I meet who tell me that they dream of publishing a book.  Most of these people already have a great book idea or they have been thinking about possibly one day writing a book.  Either way, these people are stuck in thinking, not in acting, therefore they have not achieved their goal of publishing a book.

The lack of action keeps these people wanting, dreaming and wishing their way to a book. And what is their final result?  No book!

No action, no result.  It’s that simple!

A Sample of Small Persistent Action and Success (Which Builds Self-Esteem!)

Consider the author, on the other hand, who takes small persistent action on a daily basis and, oh, let’s say writes a single page every day for a year.

Even if she misses 52 days (that’s one day off per week, right?) that is still 313 pages.  IT’S A COMPLETE BOOK!

You do see how small persistent action in this scenario paid off, don’t you?  The proof is in the results.

Regarding healthy self-esteem, you can get results in much less time than a year, but one way or another results require action.

Daily, Consistent Action = Results
This is the key to healthy self-esteem.

Small, persistent action is simple, effective and easy to use and is about doing something specific every single day to help your child build self-esteem.

A specific self-esteem building action could be a sincere compliment, a genuine acknowledgment of a job well done, or a powerful comment about a child’s special quality, trait or talent.

That’s exactly what these free self-esteem worksheets are all about and why I encourage you to get your copies right now by clicking on the links below:

Happy Journaling and here’s to improved self-esteem…