Kids Summer Activities

Kids wait eagerly each year for the first day of summer—and it’s little wonder why.

Summer is full of sunshine, laughter, and freedom. Most importantly, summer is also filled with fun and friends.

Kids Summer ActivitiesThis summer, encourage your kids to celebrate these special gifts. As they relax and enjoy life’s simple pleasures, help them maximize their time by taking advantage of some of these fun ideas.

5 Fabulous Summer Activities for Kids

  1. Go on a “Day-cation” or “Stay-cation”
  2. Find a Fun Way to Make Money
  3. Enjoy the Great Outdoors
  4. Get Creative and Crafty
  5. Keep a Summer Friendship Journal

Explore each of these 5 kids summer activities in greater detail.

Summer Writing:  Activity for Kids

To support this fabulous summer activity that helps to keep kids in tune with their school skills, here is a list of summer writing idea just for kid.

Journal Prompts: 53 Ideas about the First Day of Summer 

By giving students fun journal prompts about topics they’re interested in, they’re more likely to get engaged in the material. They’ll want to journal again and again as they get to explore their imaginations to think about the first day of summer. As they keep writing, their skills will improve and they’ll get better at developing their ideas.

55 Summer Writing Ideas for Camp Kids:

In these 51 new journal prompts, kids can consider their favorite parts about camp and the challenges they’ve faced along the way. From reflective prompts on trying new things and meeting friends to fun prompts that focus on favorite memories, there are plenty of questions for kids of all ages to enjoy.

53 Writing Prompts Celebrating Summer:

In these 53 new journal prompts, kids will consider their favorite summer activities and their ideal summer days. They’ll think about the feelings they get on the day before school starts and the fun they had during summer’s first week.

53 Summer Fun Writing Prompts:

Children will get the chance to think about fun ideas for summer as they think about what they’ll spend their summers doing and the best activities for a hot summer day.

Summer Writing for Kids | 37 Fabulous Journal Ideas:

Summer writing tends to be much more casual and may even take on a whimsical aspect.  I suggest that you get your kids involved in this fabulous summer activity and encourage them to write.

More Summer Activities for Kids

  • Kids Summer Program | 3 Ideas — Art projects, volunteering, and team building. Read all about it here.
  • Recovering from Burn Out — Teach your child that after working hard and achieving goals (such as graduating to the next grade), it is wise to take some time to relax, rest and recuperate.
  • New Experiences — Sampling a variety of new activities will expand your child’s horizons and bolster his self-esteem.
  • Family Fun — Another great summer activity for children is to spend family time together based on common interests.
  • Enjoyable Activities — Encourage  your kid to participate in some activities just for the pure fun of it.  Oh, and be certain that there are no goals or outcomes to achieve and that there is no competition

Summer is an excellent time for kids to relax, experience themselves in new ways and enjoy being a valued member of their family.  My wish for you is that as a family you learn new things, grow together, share, laugh, and love, and, above all, make this the best summer ever.

Very kindly,
Jill Schoenberg

Jill is the author and creator of and the award-winning Journal Buddies books for girls and for boys.