School Bullying | Bully and Victim

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School Bullying | Bully and Victim

School bullying is a serious matter. When a child or someone you know is a victim of bullying, both on or offline, they are prone to sadness, frustration, and may even experience a drop in their sense of self-worth.  Journaling helps them work through these feelings whether it is through writing in a notebook, an actual journaling book or online.

Writing about the negative feelings associated with being bullied helps with the coping and healing process.  If your child is having problems expressing themselves in a journal about their bullying problems, then they can look on websites such as Owleus to help them with ideas and to show them that they are not the only one dealing with bully

In fact, visiting a site about bullying statistics could provide a child with inspiration to express how they feel in poetry, artistic work, or song.  After all, a journal is not just bound to writing out essays or personal opinions alone.  These are just a few of the ways that journaling can assist victims of school bullying.

In some therapies that look at bullying from both the perpetrator and the victim’s side, the “bully” is sometimes asked to write out their own thoughts and journal their feelings about being a bully and why they do it.  As it turns out, what bullies express in their journals are pretty much the same feelings and thoughts that a victim feels and expresses in theirs.  If you think about it, it’s kind of amazing in a way that both victim and bully have the same feelings but express how they feel in different ways towards different people.

If you know of a child that is a bully, and you want to find out what they are going through or why they bully, be patient with them, and perhaps ask them to write out what they feel if they cannot express themselves. Not only will it help you understand what that child is going through, but perhaps you can learn how to see the child with new eyes instead of with punishing ones.  Perhaps you can bridge the gap in communication by sharing a story about being the bully or about the bully’s victim and how it affects them.  Maybe you could suggest that the child journal about the bullying stories you’ve shared and ask that s/he explore ways to understand why they have chosen to bully others.

Writing in a journal is healing for both the victim and perpetrator of bullying.  It allows each side to express themselves in an open and honest manner that is non-violent with no “target” involved.  From here, perhaps the bridge can be gapped between both sides of bullying and possibly — quite possibly — the bullying epidemic can be thwarted.

The more we express ourselves in writing or discussions about bullying, the better off we are as a society.  After all, it’s not just the victim that is hurting but the perpetrator as well.

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