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Journal for School Success

Journal for School Success—

Succeeding in school depends on many factors, one of which is the ability to balance life during the school year.  Kids need help balancing life and academic responsibilities as parents are not the only ones who have been told to keep their life balance in check.

As a matter of fact, students of all ages have to keep some kind of balance in their life when it comes to school, extracurricular activities, athletics, etc.  Sometimes maintaining a healthy life balance can be overwhelming as well as a little draining.  But a child’s school success depends on it.School Success Factor - Balancing School and Life

So how can student’s cope with the responsibilities of school and keep a balance in their life? Below I offer to you some factors and suggestions that will help lead your child to greater success this school year.

Success Factor #1 — “Me-Time” Activity for Kids

One of the first things you’ll want to encourage your child to do is set aside some “me-time” in the morning or evening, or better yet both!  Clearing one’s mind through meditation and journaling are great me-time activities to help a child to achieve success in school.

The mind clearing meditation for kids is a simple and easy “me-time” activity.  Here’s how this student meditation works:

Sit in a comfortable place, focus on your heart by placing your hands over it and breath in and out three times very deeply. Keep holding your hands over your heart and continue breathing deeply.  Let any thoughts that come to mind simply float past as if they are clouds in the sky.  That’s it! 🙂

We suggest that you encourage your child to take between 2-5 minutes for this rebalancing activity. Clearing the mind might sound trivial but it is a simple and powerful life-balancing action that any student can access and use for no cost!

Another great “me-time” activity for kids is evening journal writing.  It is not only a great stress-reliever but also helps to calm and clear a child’s mind before sleeping.  Journal writing before bed will help to keep stressful thoughts from swirling around in your child’s head and possibly keeping him awake at night or disturbing the quality of his rest. Getting adequate sleep is an essential factor to a child’s academic success.

Success Factor #2 — My Child Won’t Commit to “Me-Time!” Now What?

You might be asking, “What if I can’t get my child to set aside time for himself  to clear out his mind and write down his thoughts?”  That’s not a problem.  Simply suggest that your child carry a journal or notebook to write things in wherever he goes.  For example, if he has some time after lunch or needs to kill some time between classes, he could open his journal book and write down what he is feeling at that moment.

Perhaps there is a test coming up that is stressing him out.  Maybe he needs to write down reminders about what else is coming up that day so that he won’t forget about them.  Or, if he has a crush on someone, your child could write a letter to her and express everything he wants to say and how he feels about the girl.  Then, the next time he approaches her he just might not be so nervous.

Weaving journal time into a day is a perfect “Me-Time” activity for students and will help them to process their thoughts and feelings, to clear their minds and to stay focused on their school responsibilities.

Success Factor #3 — Stress Management Tools affect School Attitude

Decreasing stresses and maintaining a positive school attitude are two more keys to a child’s school success.  A benefit of journal keeping is that it is a wonderful stress relieving tool, and less stress can lead to a more successful school year by helping your child to create a positive attitude.

You see, when a student is able to say what he wants to say in a journal by ranting AND raving he can help to improve his overall attitude and even lessen his stress. Family and friends will feel relieved too when their child/friend is not complaining about the same issue over and over again or constantly whining or complaining about being stressed out. By exploring and recording the stresses of school in a journal, not only will the child not be judged but no one will tell him to stop complaining and to just move on.

An added bonus to journal keeping is that when a student writes out what they’re dealing or struggling with often times solutions will come forth in ways one never expected. Indeed journaling can help children to move on in a timely manner from an issue that’s stressing them out.

For example, your child could be writing about how to deal with a challenging school or academic issue when suddenly he hears a song from the radio that inspires in him a possible solution to his school issue or personal problem.  These “aha moments” can be thrilling especially when they resolve a current issue that is blocking a student’s school success.  So rather than remaining focused on the problem your child has moved on to the problem-solving phase. Learning how to solve life’s challenges is essential to a child’s successful school experience and enables a child to maintain a positive attitude.

Remember, the “me-time” activity for kids, weaving journaling into a child’s day, managing stress and creating a positive attitude are a few handy tools for any student to balance school life with the rest of his life.  These tools will increase his chances of attaining the great school year you want him to have.  His school success might just depend on it!

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