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Writing for School Success

Children are beautiful and enduring because they have a unique ability to live their life in the “here and now”. A child can start dancing in the middle of the living room for no apparent reason and laugh at the silliest of things.

Children do not have many of the concerns that occupy the adult mind, for instance, house payments and utility bills, insurance claims, health problems or even the mundane things such as having all of the ingredients in the house to make tonight’s family dinner.Writing for School Success

Unfortunately, this bubbly exuberance and carefree attitude in a child can be a bit of a drawback when a child is asked to sit down and write an assignment of two paragraphs on the life cycle of an amoeba.

Fortunately, there is a way to make such an arduous task less painful for your child, when they learn that the two paragraphs part of the assignment can be playful and only the “amoeba” part of the task is the icky sticky quotient.

To do this you only need to teach your child a love for expressing themselves through written communication and the rest will come easy.

You can start to show your child the joy of reading (one side of written communication) by supplying them with interesting books or even blogs about subjects they find interesting. When your child is reading what other people are interested in, your child will learn that there are whole communities that write just for the love of expressing thoughts.

Your child can also be encouraged to test out and play with written communication by leaving comments on blogs and building a relationship with the blogger through writing and sharing comments. You can equate this to the old pen-pal concept, which taught many of the older generation to put pen to paper, just for the fun of it.
Of course, whenever your child is communicating on the Internet, you as a parent should have some oversight to make sure that all of their communications are wholesome and that your child remains safe.

An extremely safe way for your child to express themselves is through an online personal journal. This can be set up so that you as the parent will be the first to see comments made on your child’s blog, and you can decide which ones to approve before your child can see them. This is easy to do, by setting up your email address as the one which is notified every time a comment is made to your child’s online journal. Then you can simply approve and forward the safe ones onto your child’s email address. Of course, if you have trouble setting this up you might just want to ask your child for help!

Once your child has his own journaling blog and receives comments from all around the world, he (or she) will gain an amazing amount of pride and satisfaction from writing. Every comment they receive, they will learn how to communicate better by written communication almost intuitively.

The more your child plays with written communication, the more they will see it as play, and the better they will get at it.

Soon you child’s teacher, who grades papers late into the night, will look forward to seeing your students paper because the way they communicate has become so natural and delightful that they wouldn’t dare give your son or daughter a bad grade.

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