Helping Kids Find Inspiration

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Helping Kids Find Inspiration

Kids Inspiration: Four Tips to Cultivate Creativity

Some kids are lucky enough to have minds brimming with inspiration and new ideas at all times—but other kids need a bit of extra help to get the wheels turning.

Kids Inspiration: Four Tips to Cultivate Creativity

Whether they’re suffering from a lack of ideas or feeling stifled by the fear of  expressing themselves, it’s important to help kids find inspiration and to feel comfortable expressing their creative ideas.

1. Look at Art and Listen to Music

From difficult math problems to a tough situation with a friend, kids with inspired minds are more likely to come up with creative solutions to the issues they face. These four tips help kids find inspiration all around them, encouraging them to exercise those creative muscles each day.

For many people, experiencing art is highly inspirational. Take kids to explore at the museum, or encourage them to listen to music. Have them read books by different types of authors and make sure they spend time enjoying nature. By experiencing all the art the world has to offer, kids will be exposed to a diverse set of perspectives that can broaden their horizons and lead them to new sources of inspiration.

2. Notice the Details

When inspiration levels drop, it’s time to take a closer look at your surroundings. A child who feels uninspired might be tired of seeing and thinking about the same things, but a deeper survey of a concentrated area could provide fresh inspiration.

If a child is writing a story, encourage him or her to look at more specific details and to consider nuances of human behavior. Similarly, if your child is reflecting while writing about a journal prompt, ask him or her to think about the reasons and motivations behind a specific event in addition to considering the event’s impact. By paying more attention to the details, kids will find new inspiration in all types of unimaginable places.

3. Avoid Judgment

As kids practice observing their surroundings, encourage them to avoid passing judgments. It’s important to keep an open mind while searching for inspiration, as creativity is often connected to flexibility and a willingness to try new things. While you should certainly instill important values in your child, it’s also essential to encourage kids to be themselves if you want them to feel truly inspired. By avoiding judgment when they encounter new ideas and accepting different thoughts, kids will be more open to new perspectives and more likely to exercise their creativity.

4. Record All Ideas

Encourage kids to record their ideas in a special notebook or in a designated document on the computer. Kids should keep track of their ideas whenever they feel inspired so that they won’t lose any important insights or creative thoughts. Additionally, kids can also go back to this list of thoughts and ideas whenever they feel like they need a little inspiration or creative guidance. Some of the best ideas are born from previously-rejected thoughts, so it’s important to keep a record of each new piece of inspiration.

 Here’s to greater inspiration in kids everywhere!

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