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Spring Art Projects for K-5 Students

Spring Art Projects— As color begins to creep back into the landscape again during spring time, you can incorporate these same beautiful hues into your elementary classroom.

Spring Art Projects for KidsSpring is the ideal time to get started on some colorful art projects as well as to explore seasonal concepts and themes in your classroom.

Whether you are teaching kindergarten students about the changing seasons, or you are working with fifth-grade students on plant life cycles and biology, you can find art projects that are both educational and fun for your classroom curriculum. 

Here’s a few ideas to help you as you make your lesson plans.

Six Spring Art Projects for K-5 Students

1. Earth Day —

As you celebrate Earth Day this spring, consider having your students create a tree made from recycled materials.

Spring Art Project

Or, have them create a flower. Recycled cardboard can be cut out in the shape of petals, and egg cartons can be used as the stamen of the flower. Glue the materials together in order to create the bloom itself, then ask the students to paint them in their favorite floral hues

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2. Mother’s Day–

Encourage your students to use spring-like images in order to design a Mother’s Day card for the special lady in their life.

Mother’s Day will be celebrated on May 10th this year, so your students will enjoy creating something special as a surprise for their mom, step-mom, aunt or grandma.

Ask students to paint butterflies and flowers in order to allow them to develop their artistic skills and talents, but also tell them to write a special message on the inside of the card.  

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3. Painted Pot —

Have your students paint terra cotta pots that can be used incorporated into a science lesson on plant life cycles. Students can express their individualism by painting their pot in any way that they choose.

Once the painted pots have dried,  you can have your students plant flower, fruit or grass seeds in the pot. During the next several weeks, ask the students to water the plants and monitor the growth and development in a journal.

Once their plant is grown, they can take home the pot as a special souvenir to remind them of this project. It’s a great way to combine both art and science into one fun activity.

Painted Terra Cotta Pot

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4. Rainbow Truck Painting —

Get a little messy while learning about the colors of the rainbow with a rainbow truck painting. This is a wonderful art project for younger students, particularly those in kindergarten and first grade.

Put drops of paint in all colors of the rainbow at the bottom of a large piece of art paper. Give the students a small truck or car, and tell them to run tracks through the paint. They will make their own rainbow, and have a blast doing it!

5. Cherry Blossom Tree–

Show students that different materials can be used to create art by designing a cherry blossom tree with a soda bottle. This project would work well for students in third through fifth grades.

Ask them to paint a tree trunk with branches on a blank piece of paper. Once their tree is complete and dried, pass out empty soda bottles to each student.

Show them that if they dip the bottom of the soda bottle into pink paint, they can make beautiful cherry blossoms on each branch. You can provide them with more information about the cherry blossom tree, and also teach them about how these trees ended up in Washington D.C. This adds a social studies element to your art project.

Cherry Blossom Tree Art Project

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6.All about Honey Bees —

Learn about honey bees and the important role they play in our environment with a honeycomb craft. Honey bees are becoming increasingly vital, particularly as their numbers drop throughout the country.

After giving a lesson on bees and how they play a direct role in our ability to eat and thrive, let your students make their own hive using canvas, paint, and honeycomb-shaped cereal.

First they need to paint a beehive on their canvas, and then they can glue the honeycomb cereal pieces onto the hive. Next, they can use their thumb in order to make thumbprints around the hive. These will be transformed into tiny honey bees when they add stripes and wings after the paint has dried.

Honeycomb cereal bee hive art project

These art projects are just a few ways you can celebrate spring in your classroom this year with your elementary students. We hope they help make your space bright and inviting, while also giving your students new insight and knowledge.

Spring Art Projects Elementary Students
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