Story Writing for Kids

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Story Writing for Kids

For many kids, writing stories is an immensely formative experience. Stories give kids a powerful outlet for creativity and also help them become more comfortable with their own thoughts and ideas. Students often are naturally drawn to stories and art projects when they begin school, as they are interested in the chance to use words and pictures to express their ideas.Story Writing for Kids

By encouraging kids to write stories, teachers and parents give students an important lesson in the power of words, expression, and creativity. Below are the top five reasons kids should begin writing stories and exercising their imaginations.

Top 4 Reasons Why Story Writing for Kids is a Great Activity

1. Story Writing Teaches Discipline and Logic

While people typically imagine that anything goes in a fictional story, an effective story actually requires a great degree of control. As kids begin to write, they quickly learn that they must express their ideas logically in order for the story to make sense.

Clear writing and descriptive sentences are essential to a believable, engaging story. Regular writing also teaches kids discipline. Though they might not have an idea when they sit down to write, they’ll quickly find that new thoughts arise as they begin to put words down on the page.

2. Story Writing for Kids Promotes Imagination and Spontaneity

It’s not hard to see that creative writing is a great way to promote imagination and spontaneity in kids. Stories call kids to think outside the box and to find creative new ways to solve problems and move the action along.

Some kids are more interested in creating unusual situations, while others prefer to explore a character’s actions and ideas. Regardless of what types of stories students prefer, their imaginations will get plenty of exercise when they begin writing stories regularly.

3. Story Writing Helps Kid Express Their Emotions

For many kids, expressing emotions and ideas can be tough. Kids often worry that they will be judged or made fun of if they give voice to their truest thoughts. In writing stories, however, kids have the chance to distance themselves from their emotions in a healthy manner. The format of the short story allows students to write in a third-person perspective.

Though many students will model characters off of themselves and their own experiences, they can write without fear of embarrassment because the story is still fictional. As kids get older, they tend to grow more confident in claiming their own experiences—but in the meantime, writing stories can be a healthy way for kids to get their feelings out.

4.  Story Writing for Kids is Fun Way to Improve Writing Skills

Naturally, writing stories is also a great way to improve writing skills. From structuring sentences to practicing spelling to learning more about grammar and punctuation, stories incorporate numerous aspects of writing into a single activity.

While some of these learning exercises might be boring when presented in the form of a worksheet or pop quiz, short stories are a fun way for kids to practice what they’ve learned, become more comfortable with creative expression, and to improve their overall skills.

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  1. Four excellent points, but the most important is the first.
    Kids of today are, mostly, short on discipline and logic, but then, the fourth point on writing skills is so vital for a kid to succeed in today’s economic climate.
    Well done!
    Pete Rumball

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