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Summer Journaling Tips

School is out and summer is upon us. This is an exciting time of year for kids, parents, and families! During the summer months, there is much fun to be had, much goodness to share and great enjoyment to savor.  I’m sure you have

6 Creative Journaling Tips for Kids and Parents

I love to write about journaling tips, journal writing ideas, creative journaling, journal-keeping techniques, journaling topics and prompts. I think that creative journal keeping is the absolute best way to engage a child in consistent journaling.  There are infinite ways for you and your

10 Journal Writing Tips for Kids

Journal Writing Tips for Kids— Ten Tips Guaranteed to Hook Kid’s Attention and Interest in Journal Writing! Journal writing helps kids to process the myriad of thoughts, feelings, and emotions they experience.  It is also an excellent form of creative self-expression. But, when faced

Journal Writing Tips

There are many benefits to journaling writing, but one of the greatest is that it can improve your sense of self-esteem. This is accomplished by becoming more aware of how you’re feeling and what you are thinking. You must be brave, however, and be