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Four Ways Journal Activities Boost Kids’ Brains

Journaling isn’t just a fun activity to keep students busy during English class—it’s a practical, multi-faceted tool that has benefits across all areas of their lives.  And for middle school students who are already preparing for the next phase of their education, journaling can

Five Top Reasons to Assign Summer Writing for Kids

Thinking of assigning some journaling to your students this summer?  Though they may grumble a little about having vacation homework, summer writing is actually a fun and low-stress activity that will keep their minds moving and their ideas spinning!  Consider these five key reasons

How To Choose Good Writing Prompts for Your Classroom

Teachers at all grade levels have found that regular journal writing helps students become better writers, improves confidence, and encourages creativity and self-expression.  Whether your students are just starting out with journaling or whether they’ve been practicing daily writing for several years, it’s important

5 Writing Activities to Introduce Journaling

Writing Activities to Introduce Your Class to the Power of Journaling Journaling is one of the best exercises teachers can use to get their students interested in and engaged in writing.  Though all types of written class assignments can help students to become better

35 Journaling Challenges for Kids

Journaling is a powerful tool for any teacher to equip his or her students with.  The act of daily writing empowers kids to express their thoughts and feelings readily and promotes reflection and self-awareness.  However, while journaling is often a reflection of what’s going

Shared Journal

For years, teachers have encouraged their students to journal because the act of daily writing encourages self-reflection and promotes better writing skills.  However, when shared with friends or family members, journaling is also a great way for students to connect with the people around

40 Shared Journaling Prompts

Interested in getting your students to talk about their journal writing with another?  Shared journaling is a personal, engaging, and educational opportunity for students to get to know others and to become more comfortable discussing their own ideas.  This exercise promotes both discussion and

Kids Summer Journaling

Journaling: A Great Summertime Activity for Kids— Parents are always looking for great summertime activities that will keep their kids occupied and out of trouble. As summer gets well underway parents will sometimes scramble to sign up their kids for camps or various other summer

Summer Writing

Summer Writing: Why It’s a Great Activity for Kids— Though most kids would prefer to focus on fun activities and on sunshine during the summer, there are still plenty of opportunities available for learning. Kids who participate in summer programs reap valuable benefits like enhanced

Kids Camp Journals

Kids Camp Journals— When you look at the many benefits that journaling offers, it’s not hard to see why it’s such a great summer activity for kids. Journaling improves self-esteem and boosts confidence, encourages creative thinking, and helps kids become more comfortable in expressing
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