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Five Top Reasons to Assign Summer Writing for Kids

Thinking of assigning some journaling to your students this summer?  Though they may grumble a little about having vacation homework, summer writing is actually a fun and low-stress activity that will keep their minds moving and their ideas spinning!  Consider these five key reasons

Journaling as a Tool to Reduce Preteen Stress

Journaling & Preteen Stress— When considering pre-teens, they have an incredible amount of demands that are placed on them almost on a daily basis. There is school, friends, (along with the peer pressure), familial responsibilities and extracurricular activities, to mention just a few of those

Summer Writing

Summer Writing: Why It’s a Great Activity for Kids— Though most kids would prefer to focus on fun activities and on sunshine during the summer, there are still plenty of opportunities available for learning. Kids who participate in summer programs reap valuable benefits like enhanced

Journal Writing Improves Self-Esteem

Journaling can help a young person define their self-concept which will have a positive effect on their self-esteem and self-confidence. Our self-concept is how we see and believe in ourselves. It is the perception we have of ourselves. Our self-concept and self esteem are intimately related.

Summer Activities for Kids

Summer Activities for Kids— School is out!!! Summer is here and our attention has shifted from academics to play. Many parents are faced with the summertime challenge of how to keep their kids busy and how to ensure that their children stay out of