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30 Excellent Dialogue Writing Topics

Here you will find an exciting list of 30 Excellent Dialogue Writing Topics for Students to help support their dialogue writing skills. Introduce these dialogue prompts to your high school class (or other grade level) and watch your students’ creativity soar to new heights!

Dialogue Writing Topics

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Creative dialogue is defined as two characters talking about a situation that occurs in the story. And, using prompts is a great way to spark new story dialogue ideas. That’s precisely why we have some incredible ideas for your writers to help spark their imagination.

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A Few Words on Dialogue Writing

High school students have been building upon their writing foundation for more than a decade and now they have the ability to expand upon their creative writing with realistic and engaging dialogue. 

Sometimes, though, it can be a challenge to get started, which is why dialogue prompts and dialogue writing topics are so important and useful.

Our new list of dialogue writing prompts can improve the strength and authenticity of your students’ writing. By practicing with dialogue and exploring the different types of dialogue, they will become stronger, more versatile writers.

Ok, without further ado, let’s get to those dialogue writing prompts.

30 Dialogue Writing Topics for Student Writers

  1. Write a short story that begins with a conversation between your two main characters about their weekend plans.
  2. Recognize the importance of small talk within a fiction piece. Include two conversations based entirely on small talk within your next creative writing story.
  3. Imagine a scenario in which the main character in your story meets a shopkeeper. The dialogue between the two will shape the story.
  4. Write a short story about a tourist who engages in a life-changing conversation with a local resident of the community they are visiting.
  5. Give your main character a unique voice. Before you start your story, write a character description that adds insight into the tone and style of their internal — and external — voice.
  6. Write the dialogue of a conversation that takes place after someone hears an unexpected scream from afar.
  7. Begin your next fiction piece with this single line of dialogue: “As I’ve told you before, that is in the past. And it will remain in the past.”
  8. Explore how tension can play a role in a conversation. Include a moment of tense dialogue in a short story about two best friends who are working through a conflict.
  9. Teenagers speak in their own colloquial way. In a journal entry, write down five words that you use on a regular basis that your parents likely do not understand. Reflect on why you feel teenagers speak in their own type of language.
  10. Think about the last substantial conversation that you had in real life. Write a journal entry about the dialogue that took place between you and the other person. What was the implication of the tone of voice used during the conversation? How did it make you feel? How did it impact the rest of your day?
  11. A good book includes powerful, compelling, and realistic dialogue. Find a passage from a recent book you have read that included dialogue that shaped the story. Write a journal entry reflecting on the way that dialogue was written.
  12. The dialogue in your short story should depict the way that a real person speaks. Write about three ways that you can improve your dialogue writing.
  13. One of the best dialogue exercises is to write sample dialogue. Try this by crafting a conversation between two characters that explores tension. 
  14. In romance novels, conversation and dialogue is distinctly different. Why do you think this is? Write about how you feel dialogue plays a pivotal role in the romance genre.
  15. Write sample dialogue in which person A offers a compliment and person B deflects the attention. 
    Dialogue Writing Prompts for Students
  16. Dialogue writing plays a pivotal role in the screenwriting process. Identify how writing dialogue for a screenplay differs from writing dialogue for a fictional story or novel.
  17. Great dialogue includes more than just spoken words — there also are supporting descriptions that set the scene and describe the atmosphere of the conversation. Review the most recent dialogue that you crafted and refine it with additional descriptions.
  18. In your opinion, does dialogue require proper grammar? Why or why not? 
  19. Review your most recent short story. Now, add more lines of dialogue for a supporting character. How does this impact your story?
  20. Find dialogue from the most recent novel or short story that you read. Now, write a new story  based on those lines of dialogue.
  21. Write down a conversation that you imagine would take place between a passenger and a crew member on a luxury cruise ship.
  22. Begin a short story that starts off with one simple line of dialogue: “Good morning.”
  23. How does a conversation that takes place in the middle of the night differ from one that takes place during the day? Write a journal entry answering this question.
  24. Write a short story that takes place during a therapy session and relies almost solely on dialogue.
  25. A diary entry is a form of internal dialogue. Write a diary entry from the perspective of the main character of your story.
  26. Write a descriptive paragraph about two children having a conversation on a playground.
  27. Write lines of dialogue for police officers communicating on the radio regarding a local crime spree.
  28. Persuasion dialogue is one of the different types of dialogue. Write a journal entry about persuasion dialogue and how it can impact a piece of writing.
  29. Dialogue can be a powerful way to introduce a key character. Use this technique in your next fiction writing piece.
  30. Use dialogue between two characters to describe a specific situation that serves as the inciting incident of your story.

I hope you enjoyed this list of dialogue writing topics and use them to expand and grow your good dialogue writing skill set.

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Dialogue Writing Topics for Students

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