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Imagine Doubling, Tripling, Or Even
10x Your Teaching Enjoyment With Virtually No Effort And Minimal Cost.

It’s True. You Can Overcome Teaching Overwhelm And Burnout Starting Today… 

Inside this letter you’re going to be given a foolproof teaching success system that allows ANYONE to reclaim the joys of teaching and sky-rocket their own and their students’ success.

I should know – I first created this system to help me transform my own burnout and overwhelm and replace it with a success mindset… and it works despite setbacks and regardless of present circumstances.  

Now, for the first time ever…

I’m publishing the entire 3 Step System online so you can steal it from underneath my nose and begin using it for yourself today.

Teachers around the world can take this system and 10x or more their success rate this year – even if their students are unmotivated, underprepared, or worse.

Educators can use this system to start improving their own teaching performance in the next 6 weeks – while cutting their class prep time by over 50%…

Even better, this system works no matter what subject you teach or to what age you teach to this — or any other — year (I’ll prove that to you inside this letter).

Intrigued? Keep reading to see exactly what this 3-step system is, and how it can transform both your teaching success and your life (just like it did mine).

I am so thankful…

For you and for the wonderful resources you are sharing!  As a mom and an educator, I treasure these excellent tools. Thank you!

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Mary K.

Across the country, school teachers who don’t like to write at all –  much less teach the subject to their students– are breaking through limitations & barriers that block their teaching joy.

And, they are getting these results with a dead simple teacher support tool that ethically “tricks” them into overcoming the shame and embarrassment they feel because they do not like nor enjoy a MAJOR part of their job they know is VITAL to their student’s success today and in the future.

On top of that…

They are savoring their new-found freedom and loving the joy of watching their student’s academic success skyrocket.

Even more exciting…

This teaching support tool quick and easy-to-learn, which means…

You can use it to overcome your teaching writing challenges starting today.


This easy-to-use teaching support tool provides you with the sweet relief you need when it comes to the arduous task of teaching writing to your students.

Best of all…

You can even use this innovative and powerful tool with your students. It can help them today and ensure they won’t have to struggle later in school or in life because of their lack of academic skills.

Yes, this teacher support tool is…

Quite simply a god-send to teachers of all ages and backgrounds.

We’ve created a writing tool that saves you time, incurs minimal costs, and effectively motivates even the most difficult students.

Which means…

No more wasted time for you (or wasted money!).

You can finally banish those negative attitudes about writing that are rubbing off on your students.

You will succeed at enjoying teaching writing to your students and your students writing skill level will improve in measurable ways. (That’s a major win-win!)

 You’ve spent loads of your own money trying to find ways to enjoy teaching writing to you students.  You’ve tested out a myriad of pre-made writing units, writing worksheets, and other writing tools designed to teach kids to write.

But they have failed to inspire teaching joy in you.

I mean, it’s hard to keep your joy for teaching alive when…

Many of your kids simply do not come to your class equipped with the basic writing skills needed to ensure these expensive, pre-made writing tools to work effectively. 

The bottom line is: Not all of your students are equipped with the writing skills needed for these tools work

(Unfortunately, most writing tool Creators assume your students do understand and do have the skills, but that’s just not the reality you face.)


The responsibility – and the stress – of teaching kids to write continues to weigh heavy on your mind.

Which steals your joy.


The stress continues to suck the joy of teaching right out of you.

Which may lead you to…

Feeling over-whelmed by the need for one-on-one writing instruction you think your students need to succeed.

I mean… we all know that today’s teacher jobs just do not allow the time for this level of personalized instructions.

Your materials are wonderful.

I have switched grades many times and have tons of material that I have to manage and master.  You are such a gift, thank you. 


START Editing HERE–à and discuss how this Teacher Support Tool is Unique by 1) offer you support first which will then 2) allow you to support your (most likely) VERY under-prepared students.

  • Tease Unique Mechanism Behind Solution

If you feel hopeless, stuck, or overwhelmed when it comes to teaching writing to kids, take heart….

Our simple and ethical “writing trick” saves you time, minimizes costs, and effectively engages even the most difficult students by getting them on the path to a love of writing.

  • Tease Contrarian Nature of Mechanism (This Flies in the Face of What You’ve Been Told Before)

But first, let’s get real for a moment…

If you loved to teach writing and your kids loved to write, would teaching and learning writing be a struggle for some many teachers and students?

Of course not.

And yet, a brutal teaching truth is…

Many educators simply hate to write and so do kids.


Consider this: Many of the teaching tools you’ve used are much like going on a boating trip in the dark only to discover the boat has holes in it. AND, to make matters worse, the motor quit working and there are no oars in the boat.  Worst of all, the life-saving throw ring is missing, which is exactly why…

You and your kids sink. Every. Single. Time.

I mean, who wants to take a trip like that?  No one.

But this is exactly what current teaching writing tools are like.

Taking a shot in the dark and hoping for the best just isn’t a great teaching strategy to engage.

To make matters worse, these shoddy tools only help to “prove” that writing really does suck.


To prove that the educator’s teaching writng skills sucks.

Or, and yes, I’m gonna say it…

Your student’s learning writing skills suck.

But none of this is true because it’s really the…

Writing teaching tools being used that suck.

They have holes in them, no back up plan and leave you without the safety net of a lifesaver.


It’s time to do something about that and that’s why we created a 1-2-3 Writing System that doesn’t suck.

In fact…

It rocks.

And it’s simple.

Plus it’s affordable.

Best of, it works.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Indeed, I suggest you don’t. So keep on reading to discover the unexpected REAL REASON and REAL SECRET why our writing system out-performs the others.

I want to know that I enjoy the content that you offer and…

 I use it daily. I  also want you to know that there are many students here that benefited from your program. Thanks so much for all you do.


First, let’s explore why you’re going to love our writing trick.


  • Working in “Fascinations” as Incentive For Continuing With Copy (I’ll Answer This Riddle For You)
  • Briefly Address Skepticism
  • Briefly Mention Credibility Builders
  • Qualifiers – Who This Works For. Is It For Everyone? Is It For a Certain Subset? Speak to Your Market. 
  • Include a Few Broad Testimonials if Available (About Benefits But Don’t Give Away Product)

II. Background Story

  • Who I Am + Credibility Builders When Appropriate (ie. A Doctor or Expert) 
  • “Me or Someone Close to Me Was Just Like You (In Pain)” – Here’s The Emotional Story About It
  • Traditional Solutions & Advice Not Working
  • Trigger Event – Problem or Pain Point Escalated to Where Avatar Realizes Something MUST Change
  • Search for Truth/Answers
  • Optional: Meets Wise “Sensei” Type Who Promises to Reveal the Truth That’s Been Hidden. 

III. Unique Mechanism of the Problem

  • Explaining the “Real Cause” of the Problem; You’ve Had 99% of the Answer But This is the Missing 1%
  • Should Be Surprising, Possibly Even Counterintuitive
  • Backed by Credibility and Proof Elements

IV. Unique Mechanism of the Solution

  • Now That You Know the Real Cause of the Problem, This is the “Real Solution” on a MACRO level. 
  • This Should Be Logically Connected to the Problem 
  • For Example: If Bad Bacteria is Causing Your Weight Gain, the Solution is a Novel Way to Rid Your Gut of Bad Bacteria. 
  • Once They Have the MACRO Solution (A Theory) – They Dig Deep To Prove The Theory (And Get Into The MICRO). 
  • Backed By Credibility and Proof Elements, Including Citations and Scientific Sources. 

V. Product Buildup + Reveal

  • Now That Avatar Knows The Solution, He Looks For An “Out-of-the-Box” Version; Something That Will Just End His Quest and Solve The Problem Right There
  • But Discovers That Out-of-the-Box Is Flawed
  • Has to Do It Himself And Create Novel New Solution
  • Starts Testing It or Working On It. There Are Problems and Setbacks
  • But Eventual Success/Breakthrough
  • Proof Product Works
  • Others Asking For It
  • PRODUCT Is Born!

VI. Close 

  • Product Details (What’s Included, What Makes it Special, Unique Selling Propositions)
  • Discuss and Dismiss Other Alternatives (Expensive, Ineffective, Side-Effects, Poor Quality, Unproven)
  • Keep Building Up Value of -PRODUCT-
  • Additional Testimonials
  • How to Use The Product
  • Optional Urgency – Powers That Be May Want to Stop Me From Sharing This At Any Time
  • Scarcity: Demand Is High, Supplies Are Limited, Out-of-Stocks Are Common
  • Personal Mission of Avatar to Make Things Better – Tied to Emotion
  • Price Justification & Reveal – Other “Solutions” Are More Expensive & Consequences of Inaction are Costly (Cost Can Be Either Material or Immaterial)
  • This Solution is Better and Will Save You Money, It’s Normally $X Which is Bargain, But Right Now You Can Get It For Just $Y!
  • Smart People Buy More
  • First Call to Action 
  • What Happens After You Click The Button
  • Optional: Valuable Free Bonuses Revealed
  • Guarantee – You’ll Most Likely Have a Great Experience, But If For Any Reason You Don’t, No Risk and No Hassle
  • Second Call to Action 
  • Two Choices – You Can Go On Suffering, Or You Can Take Action Today and Change Your Life forever; The Choice Is Yours
  • Urgency 2 – But You Really Must Hurry As This is The End of the Presentation And There’s No Guarantee How Long Offer Will Be Available
  • Third Call to Action 
  • Thank You For Watching or Reading


  • Back to Being Their Friend; Helping To Clear Up Any Confusion They May Have
  • Reminding Them of What Product Is, What It’s Used For, Importance of Taking Action Today, Terms of Guarantee, and How to Buy!