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15 Persuasive Writing Topics & Prompts for Elementary Students 

Persuasive writing topics for kids to help them grow their writing skills and become accustomed to stating their appeals and offering evidence for their arguments. This exercise also helps students understand how other people attempt to persuade them—whether it is a friend, classmate, or through advertising and the media.

Elementary Level Persuasive Writing Topics

With an understanding of persuasive tactics and practice in presenting their arguments, kids will improve their critical thinking skills and become better at expressing what they want. As kids answer each prompt and attempt each practice argument, encourage them to back up their appeal with at least three logical reasons. Ask students to consider their audience and to choose reasons that will appeal to each person’s perspective.

In addition to this list of persuasive writing prompts, there are also some brief writing instructions to share with your students on how to write persuasively. If your students need a little extra help developing and refining their persuasive writing skill, be sure to encourage them to follow the 5 persuasive writing guidelines outlined below.

Use this listing of fun, persuasive writing ideas for elementary kids in your classroom today.

15 Persuasive Writing Topics for Elementary Kids

  1. We should not have a school dress code.
  2. Pets should be allowed in school.
  3. School break times should be longer.
  4. There should be no homework.
  5. The school day should be shorter.
  6. Children should be able to use cellphones in school.
  7. I should get a pocket money raise from my parents.
    Persuasive Writing Ideas for Elementary School Students
  8. I should be able to go to bed later.
  9. I should be allowed to have a pet (or another pet!).
  10. I should be able to stay at home on my own.
  11. I should be allowed sweets every day.
  12. Nobody should litter.
  13. Everyone should have to exercise every day.
  14. We should all grow our own vegetables.
  15. Smoking should be banned for everyone.

31 More Persuasive Writing Prompts for Kids & Students

  1. Persuade your sister or brother to help you talk your parents into something you want to do.
  2. Persuade your sister or brother to spend the afternoon doing what you want.
  3. Persuade your sister or brother to do a favor for you.
  4. Persuade your sister or brother to save up for something special together.
  5. Persuade your teacher to let the class work on an assignment with partners.
  6. Persuade your teacher to give everyone a night off from homework.
  7. Persuade your teacher to have class outside.
  8. Persuade your teacher to end class early.
  9. Persuade your teacher to give the class a reward for a job well done.
  10. Persuade your teacher to take a field trip.
  11. Persuade your teacher to let the class bring snacks.
  12. Persuade your teacher to have a “show and tell” day.
  13. Persuade your teacher to give out homework passes for good grades.
  14. Persuade your teacher to let the class have a party.
  15. Persuade your friend to trade lunches with you.
  16. Persuade your friend to try something new together.
  17. Persuade your friend to do what you want at recess.
  18. Persuade your friend to invite someone new to hang out with you both.
  19. Persuade your friend to listen to your favorite band or to read your favorite book.
  20. Persuade your friend to let you borrow something special of his or hers.
  21. Persuade your friend to watch the movie you want.
  22. Persuade your friend to join a new club or group with you.
  23. Persuade your friend to work on schoolwork together.
  24. Persuade your friend to stay the night at your house.
  25. What is the best way to persuade someone?
  26. Are you good at persuading people? Why or why not?
  27. Write about a time when you successfully persuaded someone. How did you do it?
  28. What would you do if you tried to persuade someone and they didn’t agree?
  29. Why is it important to present your argument kindly and respectfully?
  30. What does it mean to persuade someone?
  31. What strategies do you use to persuade people?

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5 Persuasive Writing Guidelines for Students

Persuasive writing is a type of writing in which someone tries to get the reader to agree with their opinion or ideas. Knowing how to write persuasively and learning how to recognize persuasive writing and are both valuable skills for kids to have.

Before students start to write, it’s a good idea for them to make a list of the points they want to make to their readers. Although being able to write persuasively can seem like a hard thing for kids to learn, remind them that everyone has valid opinions. There are a few simple guidelines to follow in order to be able to write a good persuasive essay. They are:

Persuasive Writing Guideline #1:

Start with an introductory paragraph stating your argument and telling the reader what it is you want.

Guideline #2:

Remember you want the reader to agree with you, so use persuasive words and phrases such as those listed below:

Some people believe that

In my opinion


For this reason

I feel that

I am sure that


It is certain

firstly, and


Guideline #3:

To support your argument give the reader some facts. This will help convince the reader to agree with your point of view.

Guideline #4:

Give reasons for and against your viewpoint. This will show the reader that you have really thought through your argument.

Guideline #5:

Ask your reader questions as this will get them thinking.

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